xbox 360 question

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No, the core is crap, save yourself the money and buy a premium, it'll be worth it 40 dollars for a Memory card? when the HD is only 60 more dollars? Buy the premium, it'll save you money.
It comes with an Ethernet cable
a Headset
a hard drive
the HD component cables
Trust me, buy the premium
well, the only reason I bought a core system is because it was the only 360 console at my local gamestop. Plus it was like, 60 bucks off. With that I got a wired controller and all the cables and such. I bought a used hard drive, and now I have a decent system.

So is it my understanding that since I bought a original 360 core system, if I bought a 1080 tv, that would be useless to me as far as hi-def gaming goes right ?
I bought one with a 20gig harddrive.
I figured it was a good deal. I spent S$380 (that's less in american) on it. I got a wireless controller, the system and a harddrive,. Not too bad, eh?

Personally, I'd just have up for one with a harddrive inclused, it's easier than going and buying it separetly, cheaper too.
'Course, the core system is cheaper, but once you go buy memory for it, it'll be the same if not more than one that comes with a drive.
I'd just save.
But it's your money.
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