Xbox 360 Raffle

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colmon 9

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ok... the raffle is for one 360 premium edition (with hdmi port) to support a less privileged student going on the honors trip.

tickets are ten dollars and the raffle will be limited to 100 tickets

first prize-xbox 360 premium edition

second prize-$10.00

third prize-$5.00

all payments will be excepted through paypal

pm if your interested

thanks, colmon9
no, thats the second and third prize if you dont win the 360

and is the buton showing up or is it just a bunch of garbled text?
Your forgetting the Xbox... does seem a bit strange, is there a website associated, ways to garuntee.. and the link/form there is a bit... ummm, not right on my end...
i dont understand what yall are talking about, missing the xbox?

and i guess since the button doesnt work any body interested can pm me their email
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