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EDIT: 2014.08.20

We have now added a gamertag field to each member's profile. To access this field:

If you click on the Settings cog at the top right of the page and then click Edit Profile from the menu on the left, you will see the new field for your Xbox Gamertag. Add it and it will show up in your postbit.



I couldn't find where everyone lists their XBOX Live Gamer tags so I'm starting this thread. Hopefully not duplicating what's already been done. Please Enter your info in the format below. I will update this first post in the thread as we go...

405th Name (Bold)

XBL Gamer Tag


Time Zone if applicable (PST, GST, EST, etc.)

Sorted alphabetically by 405th Username.

Note: If you are sending a Friend Request to someone on this list please send a message over Xbox Live or on the forums to let them know who you are, otherwise they may mistake it for a random request and decline.

-- # --

405th: 23Magnum

XBL: MagnumZr0 (the '0' is the #zero)

Location: US PA

Time Zone: EST

-- A --

405th: Aeonyx

XBL: Aeonyx 16

Location: Chicago

Time Zone: Central Standard

405th: antfour

XBL: jediwarrior

Location: California

Time Zone:

-- B --

405th: baileyboys

XBL: Delmar Crew

Location: Texas

Time Zone: Central

405th: BishopX

XBL: postmortem01

Location: US California

Time Zone: PST

405th: bleedoff

XBL: bleedoff

Location: Montreal, Canada

Time Zone: Eastern

405th: Bull3t

XBL: Actual Bull3t


Time Zone: -8:00 (California)

-- C --

405th: chazodude

XBL: chazodude

near manchester

gmt 00

please put your name in the subject box and 405th so i know who u are!

405th: clownpuncher

XBL: clownpuncher859

Location: Central Kentucky

Time Zone: Eastern

405th: Crackhead09

XBL: Crackhead09

Location: Oviedo, Florida (about 20 minuts away from orlando)

Time Zone: Eastern

405th: CrAzY CH13F


Location: UK Needham market

Time Zone: GMT 00 London

405th: Crossfire

XBL: D0om12

Location: Texas

Time Zone: US Central

-- D --

405th: Damien

XBL: Helljumper187

Location: Wisconsin

Time Zone: US Central

405th: daystar558

XBL: daystar558

Location: New Jersey (not JOIESY)

Time Zone: Eastern (I think)

405th: Deadandbroken

XBL: deadandbroken01

Location: New Mexico

Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time

405th: DoC ByTeS

XBL: halo bytes

Location: Texan in Oklahoma

Time Zone: US Central

405th: Doom

XBL: GeneraI Doom

Location: Secret

Time Zone: Secret

Note: My Gamertag is GeneraI Doom, Not General Doom

405th: drgon47

XBL: drgon47

Location: Texas

Time Zone: Central

405th: dylan_snyder09

XBL: oX SnYdErMaN Xo

Location: US Michigan

Time Zone: US Eastern

-- E --

-- F --

405th: Feroce

XBL: FeroceSolstome

Location: Ontario, Canada

Time Zone: EST

405th: flying_squirl

XBL: OHLOOK A SQUIRL & flying 5quirl

Location: wicklow, Ireland

Time Zone: GMT 00 London (but i usuialy am up till about 2-4am)

405th: Friendly

XBL: the friendly 1

Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Time Zone: CAST (Central American Stantard Time)

-- G --

405th: Garzak

XBL: Spartan P29

Canada Québec (sa rock)

time: the week at 18h

405th: GruntOfAction

XBL: GruntOfAction (theres a surprize)

That one state above florida...


-- H --

405th: Halo_1

XBL: HaloMandalorian

Location: East Asia, Singapore

Time Zone: ICT [I think]

405th: homsar66

XBL: redwarror0czech

Location: VA

Time Zone:

-- I --

405th: iamyourcousin228

XBL: Duncandoughnuts


time: N/A

405th: imMonkeyGOD

XBL: imMonkeyGOD

Location: New Jersey

Time Zone: EST

-- J --

405th: Jaxjags2100

XBL: Jaxjags2100

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

405th: JediFraz

XBL: JediFraz

Location: Scotland, UK.

Time Zone: GMT

-- K --

405th: Keegan

XBL: Keegan ISK

Location: Wisconsin

Time Zone: Central

405th: Krylon

XBL: masterchief968

Location: US Georgia

Time Zone: Eastern

-- L --

405th: lamajam

XBL: LamaJam24

Location: US, Florida

Time Zone:

405th: LastSpartan

XBL: ConK3rS V2

Location: Montréal, Quebec

Time Zone: EST

405th: Leadingspartan

XBL: Kevinx001

Location: US Arizona

Time Zone: Western

-- M --

405th: MC Pwn 3R

XBL: MC Pwn 3R

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Time Zone: Pacific

405th: MrSniper19

XBL: ODST fuzzyGLOCK (space between ODST and fuzzy, no #s)

Location: New York

Time Zone: EST

-- N --

405th: Nugget

XBL: NuggetWarmer

Location: Dallas, Texas

Time Zone: GMT

-- O --

-- P --

405th: pacbury

XBL: pacman174344511

Location: Lancashire (England)

Time Zone: GMT

405th: Panton6

XBL: Panton6


Time Zone:

405th: p0rtalman

XBL: Shad0wl0rd69

Location: Australia

Time Zone: GMT +10

-- Q --

-- R --

405th: Ragtag

XBL: Ragtagsoldier

Location: Ohio

Time Zone: US Eastern

405th: Razgriz

XBL: Dremora Warlord

The United States of America: Ohio (O-H-I-O)

Eastern Standard Time


XBL: Redtogusa

Location: Jersey (Not New Jersey, the old Jersey In the Channel sea UK)

Time Zone: GMT

405th: Robogenisis

XBL: Robogenisis

Location: Washington

Time Zone: GMT -8 (PST)

405th: rvb18

XBL: redvsblue24

Location: Indiana

Time Zone:

-- S --

405th: S1l3nt V1p3r

XBL: S1l3nt V1p3r


GMT +1

405th: Seeker

XBL: Turoseeker


Time Zone:

405th: Sisko4

XBL: Sisko4

Location: Austria

Time Zone: MET +1

405th: Skullcandy Girl

XBL: Skullcandy Girl



405th: smilie120

XBL: smilie5768

Location: Wales

Time Zone: GMT

405th: Spartan 051

XBL: RusinDeathWing <-----------------------------------------------This one did not let me add last night. Is this correct?

Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin (it like 100 miles north of IL)

Time Zone: central

405th: Spartan117x

XBL: Spartan117x4

Location: Illinois

Time Zone: US Central

405th: SPARTAN 169

XBL: Tropicana01

Port aux Basques, Newfoundland

Newfoundland standard time +3:30h

405th: spartan 300

XBL: RySit213


Time Zone: Pacific

405th: Spartan-343

XBL: blutard01

Location: Florence, Ky

Time Zone:

405th: Spartan_D32

XBL: Masta D32

Location: Nevada

Time Zone: Pacific Time

405th: Spartan-K22

XBL: II SoldierZ II (I share an account with my brother)

Location: US VT

Time Zone: EST

405th: spartansoldier6

XBL: spartansoldier6

Location: Staten Island, NY

Time Zone: Eastern

405th: supertaco

XBL: booyaboy234

sandy eggo CA

pacific time

-- T --

405th: The Unamed


Location: Washington State

Time Zone: PST

405th: thisismadness2


Location: Unknown

Time Zone: Unknown

405th: thoren

XBL: war legend x302

Location: Central Florida

Time Zone: Eastern

405th: Twisting_Neather

XBL: TwistingNeather

Meridian, Idaho


-- U --

-- V --

-- W --

405th: WarHead9705

XBL: Warhead 9705

Location: Massachusetts

Time Zone: EST

405th: whisy

XBL: datj

Location: Michigan

Time Zone:

405th: Widman2013

XBL: Widman2013

Location: Storm Lake, Iowa

Time Zone: Central

-- X --

-- Y --

-- Z --
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XBL: Redtogusa
Location: Jersey (Not New Jersey, the old Jersey In the Channel sea UK)
Time Zone: GMT
Spartan 051
XBL: RusinDeathWing
Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin (it like 100 miles north of IL)
Time Zone: central
Dremora Warlord
The United States of America: Ohio (O-H-I-O)
Eastern Standard Time

I never play Halo 3 anymore though. I like to play Ace Combat 6 (Flightstick FTW), Battlestations Midway, pretty soon Command and Conquer 3 (I love you Gamefly :love: ), Rainbow Six: Vegas, and well, any strategy game. Chromehounds is also in my collection.
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