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I was wondering, am I allowed to put the 405th's URL into my Xbox Live profile's motto?

Just have something like "UNSC 405th(" or something of the like.


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I think mine says something like
"I love courtney"
from the last time the girl played on XBL
By doing this, we will be come MORE official.

My GRAW 2 clan: The Helljumpers

My clan motto is "Semper Latiferus" which means
"Always Dealing Death"

my clan on xbox live is on GRAW 2 only.

PM me you Gamertag if you have GRAW 2 and you can
come on in!


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Actually, we won't, the only and I mean the ONLY way we'll ever become official is if Bungie makes us Official. Besides, everyone can change their XBL motto, and considering very few actually care about them(like myself) it just wastes space.
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