Xbox wont play games


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My xbox will not read any game or disc when i put it in ive been looking everywgere for the problem i took the xbox apart and put it back together i looked all over the internet and couldnt find anything anybody got some insight on the problem thanks
Is there an error message when it can't read the games, or is it just coming up with a "Open Tray" after it tries to read the disc?

I've had my fair share of 360 problems, and there are a few things you could do, depending on the situation.


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I had the "Open Tray" problem before, all I did was wait it out for a day and it worked fine after.

If it still doesnt work after a while, then you should try looking out for a new hardrive. Do some research before buying one because there are different models.
goodluck :p
I'll give you the rundown on my old Xbox errors:
First, the "Open Tray" message; Secondly, I had some glitching in games like Halo 3 and Crackdown (fuzzy black spots and such), at this point i was like OH -BLAM- it's the GPU... Then, I got a message a few times that said "To play this disc put it in an Xbox 360 Console". How ironic. As this progressed and I was unable to play pretty much every game due to freezes and messages, it struck. E74 - mainly an overheating error, but I deduced that my GPU had melted. At least now I have a better xbox, thank God for the 3 year warranty on E74.

Depending on how old your xbox is, I would just send it to Microsoft and be like "yeah dude it has E74" and they'll get you a new one.
I have noticed over the years on almost all hitachi brand drives that eventually the multiple open and closing of the drive will wear out the slide buffer when it does and trust me it will, the laser will then not slide properly into place and therefor you will receive an open tray error or disc is unreadable please remove and clean then try again.. check this video out
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ive had this problem before, and solved it instantly (but it may come back)(happened to me a week after i got it)
heres how
1) turn on xbox, see if it reads disc, listen to it trying to read the disc, it may not make any sound.
2) take out disc, KEEP DISC TRAY OPEN, unplug xbox from the mains (don't shut it down because the disc tray will close)
3) get out the hoover, put on the small bit thats used for small areas, hoover every hole visible until you feel happy (but make sure that theres nothing loose inside first, i also recommend taking off faceplate for old 360 users)
4) plug back in, turn on and insert disc, problem should be solved

why does this happen? heres why (dust particles cover your laser and stop it from reading discs, and they also stop it moving thats why if you listen there's no noise when it doesn't work)

I am not held responsible for any further damage!


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heres a good way to fix the open tray problem, this has worked for me.

1. turn on xbox and open the disk tray
2. while the disk tray is still open turn off your xbox
3. turn your xbox back on and exactly when it turns on shove the disk tray back in( use force if you have to)

after this you should hear a loud buzzing/humming sound this means that you have reset you laser, if you do not hear this noise than try it again untill you hear it. After all of this is done you should be able to play you games now!