YAY for Bungie Day and More


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A day us Halo fans have become very well aware of.

But Bungie day is NOT the only thing that 7/7 holds.

We know that people are probably having birthdays and what not, but it also marks something else...........

My first year wedding anniversary!!!! :D

It was a good one too. Granted I never did get to team up against Bungie, but I did get to play with some fellow 405th members and that made it all worth while. :) I had fun playing with you guys. You know who you are. ;)


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I hoped he liked halo too, then you could both win steaks for your special day! Anyway, Happy belated (one day) Anniversary!


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Well Happy Anniversary!! I didn't play with anyone from Bungie, or from the 405th(that I'm aware of), but it was nice doing some multiplayer on Bungie Day.

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