yet another person starting ODST

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hey guys. jebking here. yeah i too love the odst armour.. and yeah im building it from cardboard and everything so yeah and umm heres my priority list ill be updating

battle rifle- 100%
smg#1- 30%
smg#2- 0%
Master chief helmet- 30%
ODST helmet- 0%
ODST vest- 0%
ODST legs- 0%
ODST boots- 0%
ODST gloves- 0%
Master Chief suit- 0%

and if you guys want pics of the battle rifle then you should go here but i will post pics of the finished product soon

The smgs are bui;t a;together so they shouldnt need time to dry(glue). They should take me about a week ;-)

so uuh yeah and i hope to get started once i get sum more boxes and spray paint.. oh and resin.. so please tell me what you think :yay:
Good luck with your project. I just got back from a trip and its so hard to catch up on all the new stuff going on. But thats beside the point.

Glad to see you scratchbuilding. Post some pics when you get them ;-)
well big thanks to Doom for all those ODST pics so now i printed off 24 pages of ODST refrence plus 2 pages of the whole body... i might even print more :mrgreen:
Cool. Good luck, can't wait to see the finished product.

I might ask for pointers when I start in on my own.
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