You guys must be sick of my threads

Okay, so I'm the worlds lamest ambassador for Master Chix on here (Are there many ladies rockin' the MJLONIR these days?) with all my insane hiatus' and quits (okay, only one quit, other was an indefinite hiatus, totally different).

The money that was pretty much scammed/stolen from me (200$+) is currently in dispute on my credit card, so basically, that means there is going to be some investigations and I may possible get my money back (maybe not, but right now, I have half a -poorly made- dress, thus inwearable, and I paid for a full garment) I don't know yet, but the odds seem to be in favour of me getting my money back (that could change, e.g. if I receive the other half of the dress no matter how poor condition it's in, I'd at least have a full dress albeit certainly not worth what I paid for). In the mean time, my dad asked why I hadn't been working on my armour, and I said I explained that I just couldn't cope, particularly with the financial stress.

Needless to say, I'm back so he talked some sense into me. My dremel broke aswell so I havent been able to work on modding my guitar either. Right now I'm going to see about restocking and replenishing my parts/tools/etc and then I'll try wrap up these projects!!! After all I have virtually the whole suit fiberglassed (there is resin etc at home here so I won't need to re-buy that stuff so I should be able to finished fiber shortly) which means it's virtually fully done (just bondo and paint and I don't mind the bondo).

My dad's insisted on getting involved in this (he's not a halo fan but he wants to play xbox etc with me. I'm 20 now he's scared I'm going to move in with some boy and he'll never see me again xD bless him). He's insisting we spare no expenses either, so it will be bondo instead of some other alternative (but poorer quality material). He says I talk myself down too much and that I have done a wonderful job so far and that using poorer materials would be detriment to my craftsmanship (he didn't say detriment though, he's not a book nerd like me ... its a nice word though).

I'm building up a schedule, since I still have a lot going on in my life. I've taken to creative writing and painting again (I had a few weeks break). While in Germany and in September I will be seeing my favourite band so I am painting portraits of them too. Also the guitar mod (temporarily suspended since I haven't the tools to work on that), almost finished redecorating (no immediate rush, I've moved back in so the place is habitable now) and my mother and I are looking into possible building? (thats not the correct word) my own dress, from the cash I will hopefully get back from the dress I bought which failed to properly materialize.

I'm back, sorry I keep disappearing guys. Bear with me, I'm juggling finances/broken tools. My dad's insisted I keep working on this, so there will be no giving up till its done! (He may also loan me some cash till September/October when I receive my student loans/scholarship money).


All of that aside, I've gotten (sort of) a new signature for my art work :)

Awesome sauce!!! Signatures are fun!!!

Also, for the next little while (till my last blood tests come back and I'm sure I can work on the project again-I had a minor bout of illness but I'm almost okay again now so don't worry guys my health is good this time) I will be totally fangirling about The GazettE since I watched their latest DVD and it was just asdfghjkl;!!! ... I'm sorry ... it was so good ... I'm seeing them in September
This is me right now


Yeah, my old thread closed itself, I've no idea how to delete/reopen/edit/etc so here we go ... I wish my threads would stop randomly going weird o_O but who cares!!! Theres still a whole forum to post on >:] I'm glad things are back to usual/normal here again!!!

Also, the couple of people who asked for my email/fb, I don't share that on here, I'm terribly sorry, I don't make a habit of meeting people from the internet off the internet, and FB is pretty much where I talk to school friends/family etc. I also don't share my writing/fiction at least not at present (plus I doubt ya'll would be into what I write). But do feel free to drop me a PM on here or a comment or anything, I love talkin' to ya'll b'lieve me :D You guys are a wicked bunch of Spartan's (and ODST's too!!) There's no one I'd rather jump feet first into hell with :D Keep it cool guys and I'll post photos of my armour here (from the oldest photos I have on my harddrive up till present day) just so ya'll dont need to dig through my old threads where links are broken, photos are missing etc, etc.

And as usual, I will post music as I come across it or as I'm listening to it ;) wouldn't have it any other way guys!

Guitarist (Uruha) is so beautiful (*o*)


When in doubt, feed your guitar to le wild vocalist (Ruki)

Yes it was the best concert ever!! (along with Venomous Cell, DIM, Inazuma Festival, DECADE, NLVIB, Stacked Rubbish and RCE ...Judgement Day, Kishidan Banpaku and Madara ... )


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You have awesome parents if they want to be that involved in your hobbies, Mine just don't want me to make a mess or too much noise.

Interested to see how your guitar turns out, the repair work I saw to start with was amazing.

Welcome back to the scene


Why would we be mad at you?! It it interesting to hear how you feel and be glad that you hav such a caring father. Besides, you are one of my very first friends on the forum and like many others, me too want to see your armor finished some day. Keep rocking and playing Halo girl! ;)
Thanks Vandoor haha, my mom is the one who is like "Don't make a mess!!" but my dad finds it kind of interesting :) my mom preferrs my quieter and cleaner hobbies, like ...reading and writing haha. Thanks :D I'm looking into borrowing a sander to do some more work on the guitar

Thanks TJ!!! I really really appreciate your kindness :) I'm glad to have such good pals on here too!!!

Thanks Exaldear!!

Minor update, today is my dad's birthday (so Im only here for a second while he's drinking some coffee and chilling) so no work at the moment but tomorrow hopefully I can see where I stand and at least finish the fiberglassing for good (might take two days for that, but I'm optimistic if I don't get tired it can be finished quickly)
Thanks Mars :D

Small update, I got sandpaper, glue gun sticks, UPol (cheap bondo) and repaired dremel!! Back to work soon methinks!!! :D

Anyone been watching the new RvB?
Also, what did you guys think of the Halo 5 trailer? Im not keen on the xbox one so not sure what to do :/ The Chief looks good in a poncho though x3 I have a really awesome poncho in my wardrobe, any of you guys into ponchos?
Also, is a poncho the same as a cape, but it has a front whereas a cape does not? Is that what distinguishes a poncho from a cape?

Playing mass effect trilogy right now! Must dash the rice cooker is spazzing out o_O ONIGIRI TIME!


a cape sits on your shoulders. a cloak has sleeves and goes round the frint. a poncho only has a hole for the head. looks like a cross between cloak and poncho. I will be getting the xbox 1. so I will tell you all the good stuff.
Thanks for the heads up (^___^) I am now more fashion forward (^___^)

More great news. I have done all the fiberglassing!!! WAH-FRICKEN-HOO!!!! the helmet is 90% covered in bondo and will be sanded down a bit before I do the other 10% and then do a full coat and sand again (Anyone have any rough ideas how many coats of bondo and sanding to do to get optimal smooth and stylishness?) Boots are covered in a coat of bondo (one covered entirely, one about 40% covered)

So yeah, lots of bondo and sanding to do, then bondo and sanding to do etc however many times I need to repeat the process, then painting and putting in the visor and possibly putting in some cute LED's (depending on time/funds)
Gonna be putting in some 8 hour days of work on this with all that sanding to do. Anyone have any rough estimates on how long the bondo/sanding process took you? From experience?

Crazy weather here, we're getting freak storms and apparently a tornado (which NEVER happens in my area), sucks coz we had the best 2 weeks of boiling hot weather in years!! (up to 31 degrees -celsius- one day)
The good weather reminded me of my home country, but now we're stuck in this insane not-raining-but-thundering-weather ... its really freaky out here, I wouldn't mind monsoon weather because at least theres rain to go with the thunder which is normal ...


home country. NZ (yeah I know where Titahi bay, Porirua is). what fine weather, we dont get fine weather here unless someone is filming something.
as for bondo, as many coats as it takes to get smooth, it could be one, or five or more. depends on how smooth you want it. a little rough will add nice 3D weathering though.
I havent been home in nearly 10 years (went to europe and in the present economic climate can't afford to leave lol) but from what I remember in Porirua most of my memories were sunny and ... not torrential Irish rain ... apparently wer'e expecting a tornado here ... Ireland doesn't get tornados what the hell!!!

Right, im going to do some sanding and bondo-ing etc tomorrow and we'll just see from there haha pictures up soon I promise, things have just been busy!!! Oooh, incase anyone was interested in my cosplay drama. I was in a massive dispute with the seller but he agreed to fix my costume up (it was falling to pieces and half of it was missing when it got here) so I got my dress back -pictures later I promise also!- so its doubly good lately!!! 1 costume down and now one to go!


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I havent been home in nearly 10 years (went to europe and in the present economic climate can't afford to leave lol) but from what I remember in Porirua most of my memories were sunny and ... not torrential Irish rain ... apparently wer'e expecting a tornado here ... Ireland doesn't get tornados what the hell!!!
Hey, Auckland doesn't get tornadoes either. And yet...
You get hurricanes though ... at least if I recall correctly, though I don't recall every getting caught in any, just a couple real bad storms. :/ Ooh while I''m checking this out imma go take pictures of teh first coat + sanded boots!! BE RIGHT BACK FOLKS!






Still lots of sanding and second coats to do, you can see on the helmet only one side has been sanded. I'm slowly getting the hang of this :)

Also learning to play this song on bass, its pretty powerful, and a nice bass line with a nice bass fill (I dunno if you'd call it a solo ... its just the drums and bass but its not his usual insanely fast bass thingies!)
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Done summore sanding and summore bondo

At present here's my progress

Helmet - Bondo'd and sanded, some parts have been sanded up to fine grit paper and look great, other parts need some serious sanding and another few layers of bondo then up to the finer grit

Chest Piece - Full resined, no bondo ( I bondo'd the little part that isnt attached to the main part and sanded that down, but the big piece has no bondo yet)

Cod Piece - half bondo'd, no sanding

Upper arms - one fully bondo'd the other half bondo'd, sanding soon

Fore arms - both fully bondo'd not sanded

Hand plates - bondo's and partially sanded, needs more smoothing and a little bondo in places.

Thighs - in the process of being bondo'd

Shins - just resined

Boots - Bondo'd and first layer sanded, needs another coat and more sanding to work towards a smoother finish


I know the cod piece is backwards ... I only bondo'd this side which is why I put it up. This picture was taken by me leaning over the staircase to fit the whole thing in! sorry its so badly lined up but you get the jist of it

Bondo'd boots

Upper and lower arm and hand plates

Helmet, some parts look quite nice already, others still need a lot of work

Another snap of the full suit, this time at floor level instead of halfway up a flight of stairs
Heres a little treat for those of you who've been missing my bangin' Jrock tunes!!

Journey Through the Decade with none other than Gackt-sama!! wait till 0:45 for an incredible camera thing (god I do digital media I should know the terms for this stuff!) Hes so incredibly good looking its a crime ... Gackt, why!!!

That aside, Im dying to learn this on bass, however, I don't have a 5 string bass (2 4 strings and hopefully someday a 3rd one -acoustic- wish I had a 5 string though!!!)

Do enjoy, this song really gets the blood pumping whenever I listen x3
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