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The Ragin Pagan

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It looks as though you can play the old school Zanzibar or the new one in Halo 3. Observe:

Old School

New School
So so so pretty. Damn I am going to love that map.

Hopefully I wont have to alter my "Assault Defense Plan" much.

Its so beautiful.I will kiss that map forever :heart: :wowie: and it will be the perfect place to spawn rape peopleLOL!
Please stop double posting John....

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2x in a row is a waste of space on our forums.
Hate to spoil your fun, but some of you seem to be confused. This isn't fan-made... it's pics from Halo 3...
Or did you know what only I could know that I knew that you knew I knew what I already knew since I've known it?
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