Zero Punctuation Reviews Halo Wars


Not especially. Halo Wars might not exactly have been the best console RTS around, but I certainly didn't see as many problems with it as Yahtzee poked into it.


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I'm still of the notion that RTS's have no place on console.

Though short and a bit simplistic, I thought the demo was rather fun. Certainly wouldn't pay 60 bucks for it, but to each his own.


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Jtd18801 said:
That was funny, I don't agree with it all but it was definitely funny.
I love his video reviews, he's freaking hilarious!
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Seno Ypsamee

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Honestly, Yahtzee has given out how many completely positive reviews? He likes some games, sure, but he almost always says something bad about it. That being said, I'm at school, so I can't watch the Halo Wars one just yet. :p


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Crucible said:
I certainly didn't see as many problems with it as Yahtzee poked into it.
That's becuase Yahtzee's job is to find problems and make fun of them. That's the whole point behind his videos, it's to find even the smallest flaws and then go off on a colorful obscenity laden rant about them. It's the whole basis for his humor. Just like the Angry Video Game Nerd. AVGN actually had a video where he explained that, no he doesn't hate every game that he plays, he knows the things he complains about aren't that big a deal, but he's playing a character and that's the basis for he comedy.

I take Zero Punctuation as less of a review, and more of entertainment
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That was awesome :lol: .

Doesn't beat his review of Army of Two though, that was his best one ever. Couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing, laughed so hard I started crying :lol: .


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besides hes a critic he pointed that out so i always enjoy and kill a good hour watching it

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It was funny....except for the part where he mentioned halo's fan base being a bunch of dog F#@*ers, then made fun of the 14 year old canadian boy in ontario that ran away from home after his parents took away his XBOX...poor kid got lost and tried to climb a tree to look find a way home, fell out and was found dead...a little too far dont you think?



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God I loved the part about how his units dissapeared. He must have sucked, or been doing it on a very high difficulty if he didnt get it, because Im guessing it was Mission 4.