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hello I'm new here and looking to start a build and looking for help/tutorials. I'm looking to build the pathfinder armor but I would know I would have to start with something easy so any recommendations? along with that I know I would have to get a program so I can make the armor or part.
The Wolf
The Wolf
first you have to get pepakura, and second all of the armor's are easy all you have to do is take your time.
I am trying to start a spartan Kelly 087 cosplay but I haven't the slightest clue were to begin, I have never done a cosplay before but I am really interested in doing this because I love halo and the Spartans, (the spartan II will always be my favorite) I would appreciate any advise on how to re create the armor!
Just got back into prop building but I am not a newbie, I have already made a spartan 3 armor set. I am back to do an ODST and I have just started on the pistol (M6S/Socom.
I was wondering if you ever finished that spartan laser model? I was hoping to try and print one myself but most of the models I can find are solid chunks