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Making a mando helmet but making a thread is YEESH since all my photos are scattered... maybe after its' done?
Hey everyone, new to the 405th and looking forward to what it brings. Never made a prop or costume before but looking forward to creating my first and hoping that one day I will create a career out of it.:)(y)
odst nemo 2080 reportandose


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Working on a few things rn, waiting for materials...
Putting some of the Halo stuff on hold (but I plan on finishing the MK V), moving on to either a Star Wars: The Old Republic Havoc Trooper or a Republic Commando.
Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in. I now realize my hayabusa build will be an ongoing project of refinement and improvement! I'm wondering what I would like to make next but I look forward to seeing everyone else's progress as well :)
Hey everyone! Victor here. I just wanted to wish everyone a good day and I hope you/your families are safe during these times. Wear your masks when needed! Both in a supermarket AND when working with the contact cement ;)
Hello!!! <3
I've never made my own costume before and I'd like to give it a shot. I love the air assault helmet and armor, so I'm looking to build that. Any feedback and advice is greatly appreciated <3 It's nice to meet everyone and I hope you all have a great day!