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Bought a printer and 3D printed all parts needed for H3 Mk6, thighs and shins done, sanding/painting forearms/biceps next, then cod & chest.
Welcome! As Staff I wont get folks riled up talking about my reference resources. I have a good friend who pulls game reference for me. That is why I asked about which version you want. Once i have these polygonal models they can be converted using pepakura or Armorsmith designer. You can also find my etsy shop and Instagram @LettsProps. Once i have the files i will share them with the community!
Long story but one of my friends was a staf fmember here who has been permabanned and it brings up old wounds. So i keep all that on the DL but they still like to help the community. No apologies necessary as it is not readily apparent. Get your min time in and your post count up past 50 and we can get you regiment added to the Southwest!
And to be clear we are looking at Halo 2/3 Era grunts?
I’m working on it! I’m on here all.the.time.

And yes sir, Halo 2/3. However, if it’s a big project or takes much time please don’t worry about it! I have very little/nothing to give in compensation.
Feeling the long hours. May have miscalculated my projects. Won’t be ready for HOD Houston this year :-(
I say this as a joke, but it's hella true: I will take/buy hand-me-down/second hand armor or cosplay of any kind.
Why? Because I'm cheep.
Do I regret it? Sometimes.
Do I still love every piece no matter the condition it's in? Absolutely.

TLDR: Hit me up if you need to get rid of some armor
I need to get out of this funk and finish my armor. I think I'm at the 25% mark? I have so much left to do and I just cant motivate myself to start building again
Currently a fan of the Halo series, plays both new and classic Halo.
Xbox GT: Hekok
Spartan Company leader of The 3 Barren Kingdoms.
I also have an Instagram- Hekok (yes the name is part of my branding). Mostly an art account.