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Profile photo is indeed me being silly. Here to learn and build armor so I may become a Spartan.
Has anyone in here had any luck making translucent resin prints see through? I’ve been trying to make my visor out of resin.
Hi! I’m new here to the forum. I’m a Cosplayer of 7 years and I’ve cosplayed Cortana from Halo 5 for a year now. I’m a seasoned foam smith and have been working on my Spartan for a year now. I’ve also started my ODST sniper. I’m bad about showing progress pictures but it is something I’ve been working on improving.
Even though I've been doing advanced cosplays and a Halo fan since the very beginning, I'm new here. Having an official account, anyway. So, I'm excited to be here and look forward to working on a build soon as I can! Love you guys!
Hello and good morning, I wanted to ask you if by any chance you have the pepakura of the Noble Six armor, I checked the post with each suit and tried to open the links but they say they are no longer available ... and I wanted to see if you still have the pepakuras ... I really like Halo Reach and I would like to make my favorite character's costume ...
Hi there, it looks like you can download the files from this page: Halo: Reach - MJOLNIR Mark V - Standard
There's a download button in the top right corner of the page, which will let you download a .zip file with all the Mk V B (Noble Six) armor
My Helioskrill armor, without pepakura


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Hey 504, I was told to sign up here and join the community. I'm a rogue halo cosplayer. Thought it would be fun to share with you all!