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    Here are some more pepakura weapons that I have gotten at least one of them pepped so far which is the lightsaber (luke's), I still have to pep the BFG and the FN49 which I should have them both done today I hope if not by tomarrow.So here you are pictures and the link to the lightsaber since I know it was on the Pepakura Request Thread for somebody wanting it.




    Hope you all enjoy.

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    HOLY....S@#$% THATS EPIC

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    Wow nice. That lightsaber would be tough to pep

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    Yes unfortunatly the Lightsaber will be a hard to build item because of it's size and the open edges are'nt a good thing either but it can still be built as I am working on it myself. As for the other two weapons they will be easy to build (I hope.)

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    there is no way u can fiberglass the lightsaber, u would have to use smooth cast. and do u know if lukes first lightsaber was on there?

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    Actually I belive you could fiberglass coat the outside but I don't think you could do anything to the inside unless you coat each single piece before putting the sections together. I am also working on a Vader Lightsaber and I am still looking for a ANH Luke Lightsaber but no luck so far.

    Here is the completed FN49 Pistol for anyone wanting to download it.

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    Nice work with all those files there, man that BFG is gonna be a killer build once you get finished. This will be interesting to see.

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    Thanks I should have the BFG done by tomarrow or Monday at the earliest.

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    With the lightsaber, you could leave the bottom open. Resin the outside, resin the inside, then fill it with expanding foam. Just a thought....

    Also, BFG looks fantastic!!

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    Can't wait for that BFG, and I was just wondering what is an FN49

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    The one I have is a pistol variation.

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    Okay, I was wondering if it was from a game, Oh hey, were you planning on trying maybe Nero's sword from Devil May Cry 4, The Red Queen.

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    If I had a 3D file for his sword I would build it ASAP.

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    I wish I could model it, but I thought you were modeling the weapons, hence why I asked. If I could get 3ds Max to work on my computer, I could model though.

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    I have a 3D modeller that models a lot of the stuff I make in Pepakura Files. Most things I also get from Turbosquid which are free files.

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    Can't wait for the BFG 9000, though it looks like it'll be a tough build

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    Oh man that BFG look's pretty sweet. Very nice work Nintendude. Major props.

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    Yea, they cost 40 dollars for the red queen files, and I can't find any others.

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    Neo if you show me where you found the 3d files at I will take a look at it and see if I can do it whether it cost money or not I still like a good challenge.

    Also the BFG won't be too hard of a build I had to remove the little parts between

    the Y ridges because they would have been impossible to fold.In case you don't know what I mean I am talking about the red you see between the Y ridges on the gun.

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    If you go to and type in the search bar Red Queen, it's the first 2 in the second or third row, and if you type in Devil May Cry it's the very first one.

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    For the lightsaber you could try and use PVC for the main material, then use Pepakura for the parts and grips.

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    The second one is the sparta blade, not the red queen, the first one is right though, it would be amazing if you did that.

    Oh, and you did a sick job with the BFG, I'm gonna pep it right after I finish my Weta Landfall armor.

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    ey man! the links are dead...mind reposting this please? muchos gracias.

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