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Thread: Mass Effect 2 Templates Have Arrived

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    Thumbs up Mass Effect 2 Templates Have Arrived

    I have been putting together some videos on how to take 2D templates and scale them for yourself. There will be 3 videos to start off and once they are uploaded they will be posted on here. Now I am missing a few templates and I was wondering if someoe can help me make some templates. I need gauntlets, shins and boot tips. I just need a 2D model and I can adjust the sizing. You will be given ful credit of course. Thank you very much in advance.


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    Ok here is vid number 1. I have about 4 more to

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    Ok the moment you have ben waiting for. I am still uploading videos but I have gotten a good part done with the templates. Here is what I have so far. Be sure to thank Yodajammies. These are the full templates. Download the broken down templates here...





    Center of Back 1

    Center of Back 2

    Inner Shoulder

    Left Thigh

    Right Thigh



    Boot Piece 2

    Outer Shoulder


    More templates and videos to follow...

    Bryce Youtsey and I are collaborating on this project and we are just about done. Stay tuned.

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    Ithica You are still Amazing! haha This came just in time as my next project is Mass effect in Foam armor. This is so Perfect. Thank you very much and thanks to everyone that helped make these!

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    You are very welcome. Here is the 3rd video talking more about how to make templates. I still need someone to make shin and gauntlet templates.


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    Great work. Your work really amazes me. Maybe it just me, I never like the suit because they look kinda "sissy". There's no bulkiness any where. More like pumped up leotard.

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    Thanks to Bryce Youtsey we have some updates on the templates....look above.

    Thanks Bryce.


  8. Ithica you are the man. The collectors wont stand a chance.

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    Here is an update on the templates videos....


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    this is amazing. been following updates like hell and thoughi am not going to do some N7, a friend is, so this will be very useful for him. great work
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