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    thanks for the files. ive been looking for the thigh with the levels on the inside and jorges helmet attachment.

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    AWWW.... I JUST get back and one of my favorite modellers has left in my absence. Glad to know he's coming back, But its not the same!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForgedReclaimer View Post
    So at this time i'm leaving the 405th and deviantart and the deadline for return i come back is September,1 2012, by this time i should be done and will have plenty of free time to model away replicas for your enjoyment. I will also have updated my hardware and have some new tricks when i come back.
    Saw you posted a couple weeks ago that you got your new computer. It is now September 2, 2012. So you're a day late Hopefully you do return to the modeling community, I just found your files today, and I'm going to be using your thighs for my armor (with a couple tweaks).

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    Glad to see you back in the community Forged Reclaimer! we missed you!!!

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    any chance we will get the forerunner weapon any time soon.

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