Lord Starkiller?

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    Lord Starkiller?

    So I am thinking if I should take the pep of the sith stalker, and make the lord starkiller helmet. Any ideas? Help? Here is what it looks like.

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    I think this is a pretty good idea, but be sure to read up on the stickies if you need any help. It seems like it wouldn't be too big a jump from the sith stalker to the lord starkiller... Good luck, and get some pics up soon, becuase "idea" threads are pretty frowned upon. But, again, sounds like an awesome idea, and I hope it goes well for you.

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    If anyone wants to help, just let me know

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    Well if it helps any here are a couple of different Starkiller pauldrons that can help you the one that is a single pauldron is from his training gear in TFU2, but you can flip pattern in pep designer and have one for the other side you'll have to do a little re-arranging when you flip it.

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    this site may help you. I know there's a sith stalker helm on there, and you could probably mess around with some armor pieces and bondo to get the right look.

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    wow!! that helmet is way sick!! good luck with it, and why hasn't anyone else thought of making this helmet? this is sick

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    Oh, and when you finish could you send me the file?

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    I actually have bad news my computer has been having problems lately, so I'm going to be sending it to a place so they can maybe fix it.. And by the time I get it back some of you will be inpatient. So if anybody wants to make go ahead
    P.s I'm on my iPod lol

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    Aww dang! Well im pretty sure someone that knows how to do this will make it, cuz I sure dont

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    would something like this help?

    It is an edit of the actual TFU game model, and I have nearly completed the unfold.
    scaled for someone 5'11 to 6'1

    I also have this.

    and its associated body armour

    I should be finished unfold of the core Sith stalker body armour this week, helmet probably next week.
    This is a costume I have been building for a while, and have all the soft armour made (by my lovely wife)
    so its just time to do the armour parts, and happy to share the files once they are done

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    Thank you!! Oh my gosh that just looks beautiful, thanks deadulus thorn!

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    I got my computer back.. finally! and it actually works!! but those look fantastic!! I can't wait for the files

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    oh this is beautifull work. thanks i cant wait for the files, any progress???

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    lol they are finished he just needs to do a test build then he'll post them. he told me lol

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    they are finished.
    scaled to someone between 5'11 and 6.1

    I have made the Neck Guard, Arm, Electronic counter and just starting the 2 chest pieces, left side almost complete.
    I will upload them soon.

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    OH!!!! this is great news, thank you so much for doing this and shareing

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    Hey deadalus thorn, is their any update? Lol just wonderin.

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    it looks cool, hope it fits with my head

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    hello i was wondering if you could please post the dark lord files soon i know it takes alot of time and effort to make these and i dont want to sound like a jerk but i have an anime convention coming up in a few weeks and i was hoping to use your files to make the dark lords helmet at least instead of the sith stalker helmet for my costume thank you very much for making them and for sharing and hope to see an update soon thanks

    EDIT: welp since this guy is really slow on updating us i extracted the model from the game and tried to make my own pep file but the thing is i dont know how to scale it and smooth it out so i can upload the file and i hope some one here can help me out by scaling it and stuff to make it work
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    sadly it dont look promising with this thread anymore...too bad, i was looking foward to it but maybe...

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    yes i know guys, it doesn't look like itll ever show up, i wish though that is why i made this thread i wish i had time to be able to make it.

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    well dont worry about it...i know i will servive...LOL... still there is a hope

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    I unfolded the helmet from dragon26. I have not done a test build and took the same height from Juice's Sith Stalker helmet, so i'm not sure on the over all scale of it. The file is set up to be cut on a craft robo cutter also. Let me know how the unfold and putting it together is. Enjoy.



    Here is a smooth unfold of the helmet. Plus i checked the scale and figured it was wrong so i up the size.
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    tell me if youre finished, i would love to make this cool guy - very good work

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    oh this is cool thanks...i glad i havent really given up hope...i hope more of the armer is to come but the most important is here...thanks guys

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