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Thread: ODST - SMG out of Nerf Recon (WIP)

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    that thing is awesome! i want to see it done!!!
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    Thank you all for your interest in this build. First off, I can say that I have no patience at all in trying to finish this. You can tell by the lack of quality in my work. This was an experiment and I wasn't expecting this to be perfect. Plus, it was a toy for my kids on the Halloween.

    Here I present you the final painted SMG. Not exactly the right size.

    Over the years I experimented with other kind of build. Here is a pepakura M6A that I did last year. This was actually destroyed by my son, again. I was able to salvage most of it and finished it up with a fresh coat of paint. Note that the trigger is missing.

    Two months ago I tried the cardboard method. Here is the results.

    Here are the 3 guns with 3 different build methods. The method I prefer is using cardboard. It requires a lot of planning and scratch building, but I can put more details in it. And if I plan correctly, the gun is the right size with the right details.

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    omg omg omg omg you are pro as man keep it up with the good work and such especialy with the m6d (favouite gun) and ma37 way better than mine
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    wow you inspired me to try this good job
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    dude that cardbored mood looks great!

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