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Thread: Anyone else live in Washington State?

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    I live in Ballard. Been up here three years and I'm still fighting the weather. I used to do this in TX no problem but WA is a different ball game altogether.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxas s Embers View Post
    I lives in Portland, Oregon
    I live in Vancouver, Washington. You're right across the Columbia river from me!

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    I'm here in auburn wa, does anyone do any meets around here?

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    The closest thing to a meet was me going over to Flyerfye's place, but it would be pretty awesome to do a REAL meet with the rest of y'all. Maybe if someone here has a big house we can do a barbecue or something.
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    is anybody going to emerald city comicon in april?

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    lol I'm in Washington now. The Olympia area to be exact. I don't have a car, otherwise I'd go and build some stuff with you guys.
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  7. Longview, just north of Vancouver. Working on a Mark VI right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHobo777 View Post
    Longview, just north of Vancouver. Working on a Mark VI right now.
    No way! Then I assume you know where La Center WA is then?
    It would really be nice to find some 405th members close to the Vancouver WA/ Portland OR area!

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    I'm about half an hour away from PDX (Oregon City Area). Are any of you guys planning on going to Kumoricon this September?!

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    Here's another WA 405th member! I'm currently on the eastern side of washington, Moses Lake. About an hour and a half north of tri-cities and an hour and a half west from Spokane. No cons for me this year. Don't have a suit yet...

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