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Thread: Montreal Comic-con

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    Montreal Comic-con

    Big announcement for everyone. The Montreal Comic-con will be just totally awesome here is the guest and link of the site.

    They just announce that Stan Lee will be there to.
    So I wanted to know if people of the 405th was interested in attempting the con.

    I will absolutely be there in armor, so who want to troop?

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    I'm in!

    Do you know if it's at the same venue the Auto-Show used in January? If so, it's HUGE (although maybe Comic-con won't use all of it). We can lay claim to a piece of real-estate and plant a 405th flag

    Me in early April trooping to support raising funds for a local museum:

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    (My apologies for the double post, but I wanted to ensure my response appears as 'new' to the OP)

    Hi Pat, are you involved with or know any of these guys (357th Alliance)? It appears they are going to the Comic-con:
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    I'm not involved with them but I do know them. Half of them are affiliated with the 501st if im right and some are on the 405th to.

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    Ok so Hi everyone

    Been a while since the last time I was here. This is just to check out if there was any people interested to attend the Montreal Comic-Con.
    For those who was there last years it will be 2 time bigger. Check the link there is tone of awesome guest and a interesting program.

    So I wanted to know if there was anyone that would like to come and troop, show some armor and have a chat.

    Im will be going there in car and will leave from Sept-Iles on the north-coast of Quebec so if there is people who want to go and are just missing a ride I might be able to pick you up on the way.

    So if anyone interested just reply or send me a pm.

    Spartans never die
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    I am ready and willing to go. I plan on driving down from Ottawa and staying at a local hotel. At the moment however, my plans are on hold as I may have company coming that weekend and won't be able to make it

    There is a group coming up from Nova Scotia that I'd be hanging with if I make it, so keep an eye out for my Master Chief hanging with a 40K Space Marine and come say hello
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    I live in montreal, it's going to be cool and all, other than that Id say compared to the other Comacon's its going to be "Lacking".
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    If I finish my markVI in time I'll be there.

    Is there someone on the southshore of Montreal that could help me with the strapping/adjusting ?
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    Even if you dont finish it come it always nice to chat with fellow member.

    I know it not going to be has Big has the other comic-con in america but compare to last years it will probably be day and night.

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    just a litle reminder , its next weekend i will be there in my mark 6 with my friend (alliance,imp/501st)

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