Thorssoli's Isaac Clarke Engineering Rig from Dead Space 2

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    Today I spent more time airbrushing:

    Lots more time:

    Then all the parts got a blackwash to bring out the details and add weathing:

    Meanwhile, work began on the undersuit:

    In addition to the leather vest, I repurposed a pair of short-sleeved grey Dickies coveralls and added a leather seat. Then it was just a matter of arranging the parts:

    At quitting time today, the whole rig looked like so:

    The riblets are riveted onto the vest. The arm and leg rings are riveted to the coveralls. I'll be doing a lot more riviting tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have finished pictures to show off after that.

    Stay tuned...

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    Everything looks great. I'm realy impressed at how well you hid the rivets.

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    Again, this is absolutley amazing. Seeing the finished torso looks crazy good. I'm jealous.

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    I think I just fell in love with the gloves/gauntlets. Lookin beautiful! =D

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    Looks really, really amazing with the paint. I wonder when you cut out the vacuformed parts are all the leftover scraps just trash or have you come up with something useful to do with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starvinartist80 View Post
    Everything looks great. I'm realy impressed at how well you hid the rivets.
    The rivets are not hidden, they're just on the inside:

    We tried counting and came up with something like 176 rivets that went into the build. My hands are sore. I also pinched a nipple with the pop rivet gun at one point. Fortunately, I've got just the thing to make it better:

    Quote Originally Posted by sithinstructor View Post
    Looks really, really amazing with the paint. I wonder when you cut out the vacuformed parts are all the leftover scraps just trash or have you come up with something useful to do with them?
    I use up most of the leftovers. Sometimes the scraps are so completely in the way that they piss me off. Other times I have to scour the workshop just to find a couple of small pieces. They're great for backing up parts or strapping things together.

    In other news, THIS PROJECT IS FINISHED!

    Here's a shot of it together:

    And another:

    I'm too lazy to write up the last steps of the build again. For more pics (and a complete rundown of the build) check out my blog:

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    The armor came out great! I also really like that health pack.

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    waauw, your armor is sick, i like the purple glare of the stasis and health light

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    The suit turned out fantastic. Top-notch work as always Thor. Your skills never cease to amaze.

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    Awesome turnout! I love the details in the part over your shoulder-blades. If you ever get a few extra minutes, would you post some information about the airbrush you are using? An airbrush kit seems more and more like a good idea to me.

    Top notch sir, a real inspiration!

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    haha, they posted your pictures on the daily what geeks from memebase

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    Yeah. This outfit is getting around too. Not quite as much as my RvB Spartan lineup, but it's still pretty cool.

    I submitted some pics to the Halloween contest on the RPF, but I also figured I should go ahead and share them here:

    I still need to do a bit of fine-tuning, but I'm pretty happy with this build.

    On the subject of fine-tuning, I've made some improvements to the lighting for the health tube:

    What you're looking at is a series of superbright blue LEDs mounted into a piece of frosted acrylic rod which acts as a diffuser. A series of stripes drawn onto the visible side of the rod finishes the look:

    I'm thinking I'll go back and re-do this again, actually scoring the lines into the rod so it will do an even better job of looking segmented.

    I also went ahead and picked up one of the collector's edition plasma cutters from Epic Weapons. I'm not impressed. It looks the part, but it needs to be about 20% bigger. I'll probably start a build of my own in the next month or two.

    Stay tuned...

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    THis is one of the most amazing suits I've ever seen. I'm not just saying that either. I really love it. Great job Thor!

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    The finished (well at least for now) product looks fantastic. You've done some grade-A work as always. Thanks for sharing.

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    freaking unreal.. that is awesome. really like the lighting effect and just adds to awesomeness..

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    This turned out absolutely great Shawn!! Job very well done sir!!


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    Excellent work sir!

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    i agree that build is awesome kinda makes me jelouse

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    DANG this is just amazing man, well done =D

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    Forgot to mention this other significant thing that happened with this costume. Read details here: Isaac Clarke Meets His Makers
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