dragon shield pep

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    dragon shield pep

    hey hey hey guys,
    as some of you may know, i love pepakura, its a great way to build helmets and costumes and well.... anything really, providing you have the pep file you can make anything.
    heres a link to my youtube channel with all my pepakura videos so you can see what im on about if your unsure

    ive recently purchased this awesome pep file of the green rangers shield, this thread will be update periodically when i make progress. ( might be slow due to work ) will regullary post pics when i can.

    im also making an eric0101 green ranger helm as well, i have many custom morphers and clicks gold chrome plates, a green metalic holster, and a dragon dagger, cant wait to complete this project to add it to my collection

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    Where's the updated pics? I am really interested in seeing how this has progressed, also could you send me the pep file for the green ranger shield? I would to give that a shot. Thanks and hope to see updates soon.!!

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    i did say it would be slow due to work, got a new job as manager and work around 65hrs+ a week, im making progress just slow at the mo sadly, im not a fan of uploading pep pics untill its nearly completed, but might upload a few soon then,

    and this is one file i wont share sorry, had to pay $15 to get it and i feel why should i pay and some one just have it for free, dont wana sound like a douche though

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    Who did u purchase it from he might want to buy it.

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    got it on the rpf.com,
    seller/creator is BLACKKAOS he have his thread in the marketplace
    he told me he making a white ranger shield and cuffs too, he got some great peps guys, give him a check

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