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Thread: DragonCon 2012 - Let's get the ball rolling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceJDJ View Post
    What if you're flying and you plan to wear it? I would love to do this in an airport! XD
    They probably won't let you do that. They might let you wear the helmet on the plane for a moment, but not a full suit - security reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceJDJ View Post
    What if you're flying and you plan to wear it? I would love to do this in an airport! XD
    This most likely would lead to a full frontal beat down about the head and neck area from the TSA and/or accompanied by full body cavity check. I'd rather pay the

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    Hey guys,
    I am planning on being there, if my suit is ready or not.

    I know the main hotels have been booked solid since last 'con finished so i would imagine rooms in one of the nearby "overflow hotels" could be had.

    (Ha! first post and i didn't even realize it, since i've been lurking here for the last 4 months)

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    Was just wondering if there was a D*C 2012 thread yet. I'll be there in Caboose (Hotel booked and badge bought months ago), ready to stand facing the wrong direction for all group pictures again.
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    If I wanted to go, I'd have to fly since I live in Canada lol I'd have to see how much it would cost for all of that.
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    Do we want to be in the parade again? Anybody taken point on that yet?
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  7. im trying to get a room first before i get my ticket. my group will be going once we find a room

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    Count me in
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    You know I'll be there, its not even a question. My attendance to Dragoncon is mandatory. I'll be per-registering for it in a week or so. I'm not planning on making another halo suit at least not out of fiberglass/bondo. (Not the most comfortable thing!) Might try a Halo 4 helmet though! I'll most likely bring my red and white Mark 6 again. Hardcore convention hours tested I can wear it all day without worrying about things breaking at this point Not sure if I'm doing hotels. Me and my brother usually never do, we live in atlanta lol so we just drive there in the morning spend all day/night and then drive home usually around 3am xD Usually means im trapped in costume for long hours hence the hardcore hours my suit has in just 2 years.
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    Well me and several of my friends are going to be there since I have a house in Atlanta. But we also got a couple rooms in the Sheridan to change, recover from hangovers, etc.

    I'd like to see some 405th members there, but if it's anything like last year there will have to be some serious logistics. I was there three days before I ran into a Spartan in the crowd.

    I don't think I am going to do anything Halo related however. I'm going to let me friend use the ODST if he wants. We have a big group doing Mass Effect so I'm preparing for that. I'll also be showing up as Gordon Freeman at some point to make my girlfriend happy.
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