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Thread: [Release]Halo 4 Battle Rifle (For CNC Machines)

  1. [Release]Halo 4 Battle Rifle (For CNC Machines)

    No, you can't unfold this version, i'm doing a version you can unfold later. Guys with CNC machines though should be able to work with this. It's a highres mesh so it's a large file, saved as an obj.

    If another file type is preferred then please let me know and I will export it.

    Download Here! (OBJ)(STL)

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    That is some insane work Martyn!! I'm anxious to see what the pep-friendly version will look like. You do it yet again buddy!!


  3. Thank-you

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    Nice! I cant wait to see it brought to life!
    Would you like a Plasma Grenade? Send Me a PM.

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    nice looks awesome! (this will be a B***** to pep)

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    Thanks, I'm really hoping that there is a CNC machine that can make this in my area.
    Got my sig back, can't even put it up, still not liking the new look/format.

  7. Thank you for releasing the file. By the way you did outstanding job designing the Halo Four battle rifle. Do you plan on making another weapon or maybe even a helmet?

    Off topic,but how did you learn have to 3D model like that?

    Thank you for your time.

  8. Thanks guys, and MikelCaboose, I tried to make it clear so no one gets the wrong idea, but this isn't a pep friendly version. I doubt it will be possible lol.

    And I will probably end up making more Halo 4 weapons/vehicles ect Dutch. I should really do some armour, not done any before. And I have been using 3ds max for about 6 years now if not more, started small and lowpoly.

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    Already mapping this out for the cnc. I have to say the way you modeled this piece, I've only had to regroup a small amount of polys to make it work in a 3 axis mill. Very impressed sir.

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    i just put this into 3d cut...the program i have for the cnc machine i am building....didnt have to adjust anything....awesome model sir! now to get machine built....LOL

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