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Thread: Canadian Patriot Costume -Repainting to War Machine 2.0 (IN PROGRESS)

  1. Canadian Patriot Costume -Repainting to War Machine 2.0 (IN PROGRESS)

    Hi everyone,
    Here's my completed Canadian Patriot Costume
    It was built in around a week and a half in time for Fan Expo Toronto 2013. Still need to do some upgrades but it turned out pretty decent for the time put in.
    Now that the Convention is over, I'll be Repainting it War Machine 2.0 to wear at an Upcoming convention October

    Check it out in action at The Expo
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    very awesome
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    Spidey break dancing awesome. And great great paintjob on the Canadian patriot

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    Canadians... lol, jk! I like the idea though!

    Work on a North Korea Patriot next! Simple build, just a trash can for the body, a lighter for the arc reactor and a cardboard box side for the mask with some holes for the eyes.

    But in all honesty, I love the idea behind this!
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    LOVE it.

    Such amazing talent you have. It's INSANE how you made that in one week!

    I also just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your foam tutorials. They influenced my builds SO much and without them I don't even know if I would be costuming right now. Your efforts are so appreciated. Thanks so much for taking your time to make those

    And the fact that you're Canadian makes it even better

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    So will the next "Iron" armor be breakdance-compatible? lol.

  7. Thanks everyone, Glad you like it, even though it's a Canuck. He doesn't do much in the battlefield other than apologize to the enemy for just being present.
    No, lol, this isn't break dance compatible unfortunately

    I managed to get the cannon online with full directional motion.
    Next convention in October, it will have a firing effect as well.

    Thanks for looking and all the kind words!

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    Great stuff Stef! I'm digging the new suit. Looking forward to seeing the new paint too!
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    Break dancing Spider-Man was amazing! And your suit was awesome for a week long build aswell. That shoulder gun will definitely take it to the next level at your next con.
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  10. Thanks guys!

    I started the Repaint to War Machine 2.0

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