Mold Making Tutorial

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    At the place of making a card Magic to laught of me, you can tell me where I can find a tutorial. Me to I can make some card !

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    It looked like you answered it yourself.... no tutorial shows you how to cut an object out of a mold without cutting into the object. Most times, an object can be removed by hand without cutting. Especially your standard typical mold and glove molds, which are generally used by members of this forum.

    Look up Ben Streepers tutorials on this site. He shows you the entire process in a very easy to understand format.

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    thanks man, Chuck Norris will do nothing

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    need help starting my first odst pitch black armor i want to put all the details and i want it to look good no half ass armor its for me only no selling it i just want

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    First, you need to know that if a thread hasn't been replied to or updated in over a month, then posting there is a no-no. But I like your thought, most people come here to just say, "gimme gimme, sell me your armor", but not you. so, with that said, I can help you out. check this out. thread to help you begin armor making, link to an introduction guide. oh and welcome to the 405th!!
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    I am very eager to learn about the topics. It is quiet identical and effective may be. Need special attention.

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    good good good I really want to try this one day. Not sure where I can get the required materials in australia though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CV_26 View Post
    At the place of making a card Magic to laught of me, you can tell me where I can find a tutorial. Me to I can make some card !

    I'm pretty sure Adam ( the admin) would own chuck Norris in a second, glue and sizors attack!
    Really you should respect that Adam is the admin and not Norris

    ( sorry if I sounded mean...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arioch View Post

    Nice one! This thread is about 5 years old lol....
    How old is this thread again? lol

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    Hmmm, The links dont work :`( ....

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    Try this Bens videos are a bit slow going but he explains/demonstrates it all. He is the man when it comes to tutorials.

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    Okay I get the whole idea on how to make a mold, My only Problem/question is how do you mold the chest piece, or the thighs, shins, boots. I get on how to mold the Helmet, and shoulders, but the rest is hard for me. I have two chest pieces that I would love to mold and cast. Does anyone have a video or knows of ones that might help.
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