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  • ATTENTION: Visitors to my profile.

    I am not an ADMINISTRATOR for this site! I am a moderator. This means:
    -I cannot fix anything about your access to this site other than denying it or allowing it at a very VERY basic level(ie banning or unbanning).
    -I cannot fix your posting privledges unless you actually DID something wrong AND I or another mod altered said privledges.
    -I cannot fix any other account issues you may have.

    So...quit flipping asking me!

    If you need thread alterations(moving, editing, deleting, etc), let me know. If you have issues with another member, report them or message a moderator(myself included). THAT is all I can help with. Contact an Admin for all other site related assistance.

    As for crafting advice, my knowledge is very VERY limited so your best chance of getting an answer is asking an active member who appears knowledgable or asking in the "HELP!" threads.
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