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    I am back 405th!

    Hello 405th and I am once again back! (this time not as nooby :P) First things first, 405th community I would like to apologize for my recent nooby behavior and posts! I am now 14 and am still trying to make and ODST helmet. I will post some pics later as I get through the...
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    Custom Suit of Halo Armor Made?

    I would want to know what a completely finished, good quality, full suit of Jun's armor+sniper would cost to be made. If any is willing to give a reasonable price I can and will buy! Email me at
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    I've been making a ton of ships on this <a href="">pretty good building hangout</a> I found!!! ROBLOX IS EPIK!!!11!!!
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    Hughs Odst Build

    ODST Drop Pod Anyone have a life size ODST Drop Pod pepakura file? Going to make a movie and I'm going to make it life ya.....if you do plz post the download below!
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    I am only 13 years and I have tried to make Halo helmets 9 times but keep failing. I don't have any money so I was wondering if someone could make me a Halo 3 Scout or E.V.A. helmet. The only thing that it doesn't need is paint, pads, or a visor. I would like it completed and...
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    Security Helmet Variant

    New here~Someone please send me a Security Varaint Helmet from Halo 3...p.m. me if you would like to send me one....