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    Greetings Guest! I am the NEW guide of the 405th Infantry Division. I am 581. Surely, you are asking yourself, who is this fascinating entity and what is he about? Fear not! The staff of this great community has cleverly created a comic to share my backstory with you. Click HERE to learn more!

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Jan 18, 2017
Jun 19, 2012
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Jan 18, 2017
    1. SpartanT117
      well, you know it's for some, and for some it aint enough. if you feel you could use a supplement sometime, check this out, it kind of sums pep up, not really foam much though. Intro Guide
    2. SpartanT117
      welcome! all about coherence around here, got any questions regarding pep or foam, hit me up!
    3. SpartanT117
      hey, welcome to the 405th! hope you have a great time while you are here, hope you stay here. ;) welcome to the forums, if you want to learn pep sometime, I have a guide that I can link you to that will teach you the ins and outs of pep! hope you have a great day!
    4. Angus314
      Hi guys, so none of you really know me but i was the guy walking around RTX 2012 with the Balloon Helmet on. i do not know if that qualifys as 405th material but it sure was a hell of alot of fun! I gave Gus one and he put it on. which was awesome, but ya. that was me.
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