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  • well, you know it's for some, and for some it aint enough. if you feel you could use a supplement sometime, check this out, it kind of sums pep up, not really foam much though. Intro Guide
    hey, welcome to the 405th! hope you have a great time while you are here, hope you stay here. ;) welcome to the forums, if you want to learn pep sometime, I have a guide that I can link you to that will teach you the ins and outs of pep! hope you have a great day!
    Hi guys, so none of you really know me but i was the guy walking around RTX 2012 with the Balloon Helmet on. i do not know if that qualifys as 405th material but it sure was a hell of alot of fun! I gave Gus one and he put it on. which was awesome, but ya. that was me.
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