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    Another Darn Wip

    Rofl thta like so awesome baddog. *giggle* Tell me your secrets lol.
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    How did you find us?

    my friend baddog told me and i got hooked
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    First Attempt At Pepakura

    your first attemp was better than mine.... mine was inside out :D :rolleyes :lol:
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    Zombie's..hayabusa Chest..armor Wip

    that is beautiful
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    Army Of Two Masks Pep Files Needed

    i tried that but they never sent me one back
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    First Name

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    Army Of Two Masks Pep Files Needed

    My friend went on the airsoft store.... and he found a mask from army of two. He wouldnt care but i honestly would rather not pay 85 bucks for one. So i wanted to make one but im not very good at the whole modeling thing :D . so if anyone would help that would be greatly...
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    Does This Look Fine To U?

    good job :D