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  • Hello Andrew,
    I just wanted to say thank you for all the templates and tutorials you've made. It has made my work a lot easier and a lot of fun. You're amazing!!
    hello Andrews
    I have a girlfriend and I want to surprise her with Dares's ODST costume but am having trouble because of the game assets. Is there anyone I can contact to help turn these assets to files for Pepakura? If so can you point me to the right direction I really want to surprise her with this for Christmas, reply in your fastest notice.
    Hey im new and id like to kmo if you know where i can find a halo 3 cosplay maker... if you know any of the best with official replicas and lights history let me know?? thank you
    Hi, I'm Jalabakis a new member of the 405th. When regarding the 'Armory Files' that you've posted on the forum, are they all safe to download without my computer being prone to infection from viruses or other malware? Please let me know as soon as possible because I'm eager to start crafting my own set of armor! Kind regards.
    I'm sorry it is that me and a friend are in a project together and I enter your account in my team
    Hello, Since you are the one who takes care of the armory files i was going to ask if you could somehow separate this into multiple files for each peace of armor, please. I'm specificaly talking about the elite ultra pep file that has all of it in one file, if you could separate them it would me much easier to use
    Hi, I am halo master a new member of the 405th. I saw that you have made a halo 4 recon pepekura file and I am wondering how to dimension the armor to my size. Also when making the helmet, do you make it out of paper and then resin it or do you make it out of foam from the helmet templates? Thank you.
    I want to know 2 I’m a new joiner
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