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    HOD Philadelphia Photos

    I had a blast when we spoke CplYapFlip . I was so happy to co panel with you and Turbo, and others. I do hope to see you all again some day.
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    Epoxy Question

    Rondo is a 1:1 ratio, or there about, of fiberglass resin, and Bondo body filler. That is where the name Rondo comes from Resin Bondo. The way you mix this is you take the main Bondo element, the part in the can, mix about the same amount by volume of the Resin, without the hardener added yet...
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    Group Project: Buckets and Books for Kids

    I should be able to cover the 19th
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    Group Project: Buckets and Books for Kids

    I can read on Saturday
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    Where to buy, or how to make an ODST visor

    If you can make a vacuum forming rig, that is how most make theirs. There are some of us who actually do sell them, but depending on how you made your helmet, and size, they might not fit correctly
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    Epoxy Question

    Most people in the USA use car fiberglass resin as the epoxy resin to harden the paper. Thin thin coats to get it to stiffen some, then. Full fiberglass on the inside.
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    Master Chef's 405th Cookbook

    PerniciousDuke there are two recipes that need added to the list. French toast, and banana bread
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    Build Thread- 2 ingredient banana bread

    Ok. This is a 2 ingredient banana bread. I will need 1 box white cake mix. And 1 to 1 1/2 bananas. So I take my box of Cake mix. And Banana and get them prepped. You then put them into the bowl.. Don't forget to take it out of the plastic and remove the peel from the banana...
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    How can 343 help?

    I'm interested in the soft characters personally being I like cloth costumes. So. Doctor Halsey for me
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    Pig Boi

    To tag someone type @ and then start typing their name. It will show a box with likely options that you can click on him
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    Hello from New England area

    Also KnavishPlum and Viking 2481 are located in Connecticut
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    Hello from New England area

    There is SniperWolf AI Blue Fox ObiJ3ff and a few others in Mass and Vermont.
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    Had a conversation with two seasoned members, and a newer member on discord today that I felt I should share.

    Me and my husband @Kusak have several of these stories. One involves a young member of the 405th. grifandsargert Many years ago, Kusak and I joined the 405th to learn how to make our armor for our wedding renewal. Our second con was when we renewed our wedding vows. While there, this young...
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    Colonial Cons 2020

    We are?!?! SciFi we are. Did not know about setsucon
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    Hello from New England area

    I would have to look it up