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  • good evening (good morning if its morning) my task is simple, not really, i wish to create my reach character full scale armor but i have a few goals with this.

    Goal 1: create the various pieces of the armor using foam core from Utrecht, then fiber glassing the inside.

    Goal 2: buy fire and chemical proof paper metal (yes it exists) its $6 per foot, and layer over my foam core using a spray on adhesive. this does not apply to the helmet.

    Goal 3: Rebuild the helmet, with some re-cut plastics and LEDs, and a Bluetooth headset. then add LEDs to the rest of the costume, then test to make sure they work.

    Goal 4: layer the interior with a thin smooth layer of rubber or simple padding (haven't decided yet)

    Goal 5: Go to Ohyocon, or another con, and go have some fun in my costume... you know be a bad-ass!
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