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    Master Chief Post Halo 3 Has Been Located!

    Always knew Master Chief was a man of many talents... but musical? and multi-lingual too? :D
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    After a bit of thought and examining my first helmet I decided I would make a second, better one. My first helmet had a few symetry issues and the gluing was a tad messy (Hot glue guns are great, but the potential for mess is very real :mrgreen: ) Anyway, my new helmet is slightly larger and...
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    Pepakura Guns

    Well it fits into Pepakura AND the Props and Weapons section. Perhaps a link could be posted to here from the Props and Weaps section, or move this thread and leave a link here. Either way its much of a muchness :mrgreen:
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    Incase anyone was wondering whether to use expanding foam to reinforce their armor (Like I did for the chest piece I showed earlier) BE VERY CAREFUL WITH HOW MUCH YOU USE!! Typical expanding foam expands to around 3 times the volume that it comes of the can. If you put too much of it in...
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    The paint is just a primer; it's to help protect the cardboard while I apply the fiberglass and resin. Good ole Aerosol cans of primer :mrgreen: I intend to do some sort of dark desert camoflage to it once its properly fiberglassed and detailed.
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    Tutorial: How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor

    Agreed, I have had no such problems with a virus being hidden with Pepakura. If you are really that worried scan the file after you download it and scan where it's installed to afterwards :mrgreen:
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    Starting my first. :)

    If you read some of the tutorials they tell you how to size your Pepakura armor. However, the easiest way is to measure your own own body parts and scale the pepakura models to an approximate match.
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    It's been a couple of days, but I've got an update on my armor; No Spartan is complete without his/her head gear! and Thankfully the reinforcement provided by the hot glue means that the finished piece is plenty sturdy enough without having to put on the cardboard visor. Also I left off...
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    Geolocation Map for Members (With New Map Link)

    I Just added myself on to the map... We need more Australian Spartans!!! :mrgreen:
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    pepakura sizes

    I've found the best way to make sure your Pepakura Armor will fit is to measure your dimensions (i.e. length/width of your limb) with a tape measure and adjust the scale accordingly in Pepakura. That should help reduce wasted cardboard/glue/tape.
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    Before I glued the final seem together I made sure the calf fit properly, so at present it's in one piece. However I intend to cut it into 2 pieces once put some expanding foam in there for shaping/reinforcement. For you Ronin the expanding foam makes the armor quite durable, however you have...
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys :mrgreen: To answer your question Fizzle the expanding foam is pretty messy stuff, but it fills out the armor pretty well. They main drawback is that when it hardens it can expand the armor to the point of breaking some of the joins. (This happened...
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    A bit more progress on my Armor, I finished constructing the Right Calf and primer undercoated both boots and both calves; Also im still carving out all the excess expanding foam I used in my Chest Plate. Once thats done I'm going to fill any small gaps in the foam with putty and then...
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    For Smilie: From memory the Chest Plate took about 4-5 hours to fold and glue. Mind you I actually had to take a break to eat in there somewhere :mrgreen: Also to answer your earlier question Fraz, I had to do a fair amount of rescaling for my armor. According to Pepakura the scale of the...
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    Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

    Yes thats exactly what you do :mrgreen: and thankyou ;-)