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    **Official** Titanfall Pepakura Thread

    got some progress on the cqb loadout smart pistol/ eva 8 ftw
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    **Official** Titanfall Pepakura Thread

    Would anybody enjoy this? I'll be cleaning it and unfolding since it's my con costume for next year but if anybody would like it... you know...
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    405th Logo Update

    Yeah I disagree with the post number rank too. I think there could be some fun put into the rank making, but remembering not to add too many ranks or downright silly ones. Here are some off-the-top-of-my-head ranks I can think of... (or call them badges or medals or something) - Most Helpful...
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    Broke my heart a little....

    Dat Orbital Drop Shock Hulk...
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    Oh noes! What happened to the quick reply box? I'll assume it's a temporary disappearance for now. Take your time Art! Also, I'm absolutely loving these new visuals! Chief on the top there... such armor. much beauty. Very Like! oh look i can see all the details on the assault rifle...
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    What the hell.... 230k. What... the. Just... oh my god.
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    Yea I agree with TJ's points here. My build has been put off for about a year to half a year but I have things to post. I've been slowly putting pieces onto my helmet and went through 3 attempts at the chest piece. I haven't been putting pictures up precisely because progress has been sloooooow...
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    How can we make the 405th great?

    How about expanding the inbox? I don't really get a lot of messages or keep any of them after I've read them but maybe there's a guy out there who needs a bigger messaging box.
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    405th Ownership Change, Site Move and Updates - ALL PLEASE READ!

    DUDE. Already liking the navigation header on the top man Although I'm not among those who were experiencing problems in the past with the site, I'm glad to see a site staff member actually being a staff member today. EDIT: AAAAAAAHHHH QUICK REPLY SO CONVENIENT!
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    Yep... I knew it. I always thought I was doing it wrong but I keep every so slightly oversizing my builds so I can sand away some of the material to get a tighter tolerance in the end. Well, not doing that anymore! ____!!! ...Sanding wands...? Damn those look small... maybe those might...
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    H'm interesting. Thank you guys for your inputs. An hour? HOLY. I sat in my garage for four hours and accidentally skipped dinner time today. Got carried away, you see. But still, an hour... maybe 20 points of grit rating makes the world of difference lol You make a good point... I've always...
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    So I've been sanding away at my three helmets on the worktable and my arms are dying... and it's taking so much time. Here then, comes the question: Does anybody use a belt sander? How convenient is it? Does it mess up your projects? I stopped using my palm sanders because the dust sticks and...
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    File it under Crimmson

    52 pages and growing... dayum Crim!
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    Halo 4 Pepakura (Files within)

    Click HERE for a redirection to Arcanine's armor asset release post. Search carefully and you should come across the files you need. They might be unfolded, they might be still folded, or might need cleanup work in a 3d program.
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    IMC Titanfall, so it begins

    I give you my warm welcome and wish of good luck. We're here to help, so ask many questions, and post many pictures to get constructive criticisms. Oh and there are a mountain of tutorials in and outside the 405th so go read up!