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    Deployment Application

    Ok I understand the physical cannon fitting and custom piece mash up, but as far as color schemes?...
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    Important update

    Bryan has my vote!
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    MEGA CON 2016 May 26-29

    I will totally be there for all 4 days (plus day before and after if I can afford it).
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    2050Events Daytona Beach, FL HUGE EVENT

    I, BlacRose (Kelly Carrick), and my handler, ChaosDice (Jenni Bridge)
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    2050Events Daytona Beach, FL HUGE EVENT

    I will be going most likely without a handler as a Halo 3 Marine.
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    Roll Call

    Man it's good to be back, been MIA since 2010. Got my life back on track and i'm starting where I left off with my armoring. My life kinda stopped after DragonCon2009 so people that knew me back then know what I have in my arsenal. Vrogy's H3 Marine vac armor (Im working on a H3 Marine helmet)...
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    The Official 405th Q & A Team!

    Just a general FYI.... if you have Vista, you cannot suppost Firewire or and video recording programs apparently..... I havnt stopped raging since i found this out after i built my computer a year ago, and too poor to sitch ti Windows7
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    Dragoncon 2009 Picture/update Thread

    hahaha i'll send it tomarrow.. college took up all my time and energy. Great photos guys, i'm trolling flickr for the next few days to pick up more photos. I took a few but it was mostly the marines playing around with poses in our room..... cant wait to see you all again next year!
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    Guess What I Found

    Everytime i catch somethign that creeps the hell out of me (spiders, scorpions, ungodly sized wasps, etc) I always stick them in the freezer till they cant move anymore and then i put them in an ice tray and make decorative ice cubes :D If you still have it you should do that, it's always...
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    Pokemon Cards

    lol *facepalm* he is such a moron.....
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    Pokemon Cards

    I have all of those but as far as letting any of them go i might be willing to get rid of my metagross along with the other pre evolves of it.... i never got into the new ones... i stopped caring after like the third release. I'm still a hardcore collector of the cards... and i'm in awe that...
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    Uuh, Major Computer Problem?!?

    BAH! i dont care that much... this isnt even my computer lol (sorry dad....)...once i get my own pc and mac i will use agv though.
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    Uuh, Major Computer Problem?!?

    I dont have constant music randomly playign on my compu but every hour or so my computer (it just happend as i was typing) laughs manically..... sometimes it says somethign but i havnt been able to figure out what it is saying.... but it seems to only happen on my account and noone elses.... its...
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    Starcraft Pepakura?

    Hey Ter, watch the post dates... this is the second one your basically necroed.....Just so you know, i dont want to see you get into trouble lol :D
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    Its not Halo armor but its armor

    Watch the last dated posts guys ;)