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    HALO 3 PEPAKURA By Slyfo

    Could you please send the files to a noob like me? Haha. Please email them to! Thanks! CQB-KILLA
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    Request For Some Pdf Files

    I would really appreciate that considering i am kind of stuck on what to do from this point on. I have read all the stickies and know what to do, but i just don't have the software. So if you could get that pdf file for me i have the numbers calculated if that helps. It came out to be...
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    Request For Some Pdf Files

    Hey guys! I was hoping that someone out there had the pdf files for a helmet so I could print them out to make my first pep!! I need the files because my computer doesn't work with pepakura designer software. If someone out there was nice enough to post the pdf files for the mark VI, EVA, or...
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    Help With Getting Started

    Hello everyone! I am very new to armor making and just had a few questions! I have watched and read all topics about getting started and i fully understand what to do. Although, i have one problem. At the moment the only computers I have in my house are Macs and that means the pepakura...