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    Halo Combat Evolved Armour

    Hello, if you are dead set on commissioning this armor, I can move this thread to the appropriate section of the Boards for buying/selling, The Marketplace, for you. However, I can assure that the Halo: Combat Evolved armor is the most straight forward and simplest of the SPARTAN armor out...
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    If you would like to volunteer for those slots, all you have to do is make sure you are looking at the correct location, the tabs along the bottom show each city, then enter both your forum name and your real name in the cell for that shift, and then please send FANGS a PM on this forum with...
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    Pre-Deployment Check-In

    As we gear up for Halo Outpost Discovery, Division has been getting an increase in Deployment Applications. While we are very excited and encouraged by the increased interest in the Deployment Process, there have been some issues and misunderstandings about this process. As a reminder...
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    Deployed Members

    I wanted to leave a record of the accomplishment of getting the suit Deployed so I have marked the Suit as "retired," but kept it on the roll.
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    There are still Volunteer positions and slots open every day. You do not need to work the required 6 hours over the course of the 3 days in order to qualify for a free Exhibitor pass in order to Volunteer. If you are not working towards the Exhibitor Pass, you can Volunteer as little or as...
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    Help finding guyver Template

    Hello. I've moved your thread to our "Non-Halo Costume" section, but, also, I do have PDO files for the Guyver armor. They're not optimized for Foam, but you should be able to make them work. Send me a PM with your Emai laddress and I should be able to get them zip'd up and emailed to you.
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    Halo Reach Foam

    I feel bad because I missed the OP's question here. In "The Armory" the Reach Armor is broken down by sets. Each set will be in a comprehensive .Zip Files that will have the Pepakura Files, the .PDO files, in both paper optimized and the foam optimized format, labeled as FOAM if they are...
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    Halo Reach Foam

    I would Say Halo CE or Halo 3 Marines or Reach Army Troopers. would be the "easiest/simplest" to knock out due.
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    Item 1: Passes for the Membership

    Hello, as I indicated to you yesertday in the HOD: Houston Thread, Volunteer Exhibtior Passes are still available for every HOD Location, just read the first post in this thread for the requirments for for said pass, primairly signing up for 6 hours of volunteer shifts over the course of the...
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    Halo Outpost Discovery: Houston

    JangoFett140 you can still sign up to volunteer for an exhibitor Pass for Houston, or any other Outpost Discovery Stop. Just read this thread: Add then follow the sign up instructions in this thread...
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    You can look at your profile, here:
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    Hello, the qualify for Regimental Membership you have to have an account that is over 90 days old, which you do, and to have made 50 posts.
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    Returning Member Query

    I do own one myself and I like it. Solid construction.
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    Returning Member Query

    We do have a run of personalized laser cut official 405th ID badges now available from Dark Star Merch, along with customized kit box plates and Regiment Hex plate for our members:
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    Deployment FAQ

    Once again, as a reminder, we need full body images, front, back, and both sides, in good lighting, in the Deployment Application. We have been getting applications with no pictures or only one picture, or only "action shots" which feature only small parts of the costume or have pieces of the...