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    Finally ready to build...

    All of our Pep Files, either for Paper or Optimized for Foam are housed in the "The Armory:" Here the files are broken down by game, and files related to a particular character, armor set, or category are grouped together into one .Zip for each entry. For...
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    Need Help With Finding Halo Reach Armour

    Actually, Sean Anwalt , that entry is just for the Mark V Helmet, for the "Default" Mark V armor, chest shoulders, cod/posterior, thighs, shins, et cetera you will want this file: All the files are in one .Zip file...
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    Xenforo 2.1 Upgrade

    Art Andrews we have reports from some members that they are unable to log in now, including Rock Lobbster and MepeS11
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    New Regimental Membership Officer

    Andrew Danforth, Spidermonkey60 , has agreed to come on as the MidWest Regiment Membership Officer or RMO. Andrew has been one of the most active people in the MidWest Facebook group and his builds are consistently of an amazing quality. As for what you guys can expect of him, The primary duty...
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    .bmp to pdo files

    I think .BMPs are like .jpeg in that they are more 2D, so there's no easy way to convert it into a 3D .PDO file. Someone with more file conversion experience can hopefully confirm? I know that the Army Trooper entry: Halo: Reach - UNSC Army Just has all those .BMP files. I believe you should...
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    First Foam Armor - Scale Armor?

    There are several vendors that sell just the ODST visor by itself and we can recommend some reputable ones if you are interested in that route.
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    Roll Call!

    I believe I saw Ian asking in the unaffiliated Halo Props Facebook page yesterday about some obscure UNSC weapon pep files for this project. Feel free to start a thread in the Halo Props section about what files you guys are looking for and we can see what we can do to help you track them down.
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    First Foam Armor - Scale Armor?

    For the actual measuring on my body I just used a ruler/yard stick or cloth tape measure. For which measurement of the armor part kind of took priority and was the one I looked at and adjusted, It honestly varies from piece to piece. The Height of a piece was typically the measurement that I...
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    405th Midwest Regiment "Closed" Facebook Group

    I honestly, for the life of me, thought we had a stuck thread about the "Closed" Facebook page for the MidWest Regiment. However, someone asked me about it recently, and when I went to check, I did not actually see a clear thread for it. So, there is a "Closed" Facebook Group for the MidWest...
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    Roll Call!

    Welcome, once you both get up to 50 posts, and 90 days for you Azimuth , we can get you added to the Regiment proper. New Recruit FAQ Membership FAQ
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    First Foam Armor - Scale Armor?

    One thing I always did when getting ready to print a pep file is to look at the measurements displayed in Pep and compare that to what I need it to be in real life. When you go into the "2-D Menu" to "Change Scale" to "Set Scale" you will see the measurements of the file displayed for the...
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    Need help finding Pep files

    Because we rely on the generosity of our members to offer up files for the use of everyone in the group, files can be slow to be generated from the newer games, Halo 4 and 5 especially, and weapons even more so as while Pep is great for helmet and armor, it can be tricky medium to make prop...
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    Energy Sword/Brute Shot (Rancid Props)

    ExCeLLuR8 , Rancid Musk the creator of this thread and the energy sword you are talking about, was last logged into the boards on Jun 7, 2016, and this thread itself is from 2015. As such, I don't think they will see your post here and respond to it. I would suggest perhaps doing a google...
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    Im Selling My Nightmare Armor!

    Hello, if you take a moment you might notice that this thread was posted in August of 2009, just about 8 and a half years ago, and the member who posted it has not logged in since 2009 as well. As such, you are not going to get an answer to your question. In the future please check the date...
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    I need some Guidance

    Correct. Assemble the paper pepakura model. Coat the outside with one or two layers of just fiberglass resin. This will add rigidity to help cut down on warping and plug up any gaps or holes in your paper model. You may also want to install some temporary support structures, people use...