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    How many completed halo costumes on the 405th?

    29. Flash makes things look a little weird- also breaks through my visor. Noble 6. Next year I'm adding lights, more detail, and possibly changing the color.
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    Paul's Build Thread

    Found another picture on Facebook via Openbook. Crazy flash, but it shows off some armor.
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    Paul's Build Thread

    I apologize for not having better pictures at the moment- I'm going to get some better shots in the next day or so. Right now all I have are pictures off a phone with a much worse camera than I thought. It may not be 100% accurate, but it was a massive hit. I probably took 200...
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    Paul's Build Thread

    Progress pictures, as promised. If late... The other shoe has it's over-the-shoe piece fitted, I just wanted to show detail on the back. I need to cover the front and add a few small details. Belt in place- right as I pulled it on tonight one of my two elastic pieces came undone on...
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    Paul's Build Thread

    I'll get some pictures up a little later today, my phone is charging. Made some progress over the last few days, despite having a cold. Boots/shoes are about 50% done. Grabbed an old pair of "skater" type Ocean Pacifics and have been carefully attaching foam directly to the shoes. The Reach...
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    my mum wont let me use resin

    Foam is working extremely well for me. So far it has been less time consuming and more rewarding that working with pepakura.
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    Paul's Build Thread

    Made some progress over the weekend, but I had an old friend in town, and also a tough assignment to finish. Got a mid-chest plate done, added color detail, created a neck seal, and strapped the shoulder pieces. Here's a shot of the chest plate:
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    Paul's Build Thread

    No, I'm not a fan of taking my time to size pep correctly. I have the 3d file up, a ton of reference shots, and I measure and draw my own pieces. As far as painting- it eats paint. The chestpiece is probably 2/3 of a can of Krylon indoor/outdoor Oxford blue satin. At least 3 coats. However, for...
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    Paul's Build Thread

    Another shot of progress. I need to use a sharpie to add some black detail to a few areas, but its coming together well regardles.
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    Reach. True to the halo universe?

    Read the Fall of Reach. John-117 is off-planet with blue team destroying navigation data before it can be captured. All Spartan II's on Reach (and Spartan III's) are killed.
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    Looking for MC costume!

    If you get some foam and work hardcore until Halloween you could make a set. Depending on your speed you can knock out pieces in no time. Here's my build for reference: Working at a decent pace I knocked out chest and arms in only a...
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    Paul's Build Thread

    I leave the 3d model up and a bunch of visual references and draw out my own plans. Nothing but the helmet is accurately modeled. @Justinian 117 that's a good idea. I'm just a bit anal about the visor not being bright and being a bit transparent. Spartans are more imposing when you can't see...
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    Paul's Build Thread

    Progress time! And what says "progress" better than a mirror shot in the unused apartment bathroom? I pulled everything on quickly, only the chestpiece has straps to fasten it appropriately. The shoulder pieces are a little loose and like to spin around, and I haven't finished the helmet padding...
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    Project Halo-ween!

    You are supposed to cut it to fit.
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    Assassination knife

    Nice SC2 standup! Oh, and sweet knife too :D