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  • Yeah I'm like 90% sure that helmet and armour are halo 3 Mjolnir mark VI "HD" not the mark VI:Normal Detail parts that is under it i hope this helps
    ok what i can see on here there is only one active red vs blue forum open if you want to find it just type red vs blue on the search bar and maybe ask them guys out I'm heading over you RvB now to have a look
    hey its not a problem at all and im more than glad to help out ill have a look around in some forums and on roosterteeth.com and see what i come up with and i hope you dont mind that i added you on facebook "kurt brown" lol
    okay had some sleep and less manic I guess ... sorry i'm writing on your wall so much >< but right now I have a question that I don't know where to post it .... so sins your a red vs blue fan you can help me out I hope !! okay here goes
    so I want to try to do a south/north Dakota from rooster teeth (episode 2 season 9)
    but i'm not sure what armor they are using cuz south looks like she got the female mod like reach but it looks like mark VI from halo 3 and not sure what armor she has for arms/legs etc mind helping me out :p? or send me in the right direction ?
    lol yay friends ... sorry i'm getting a bit tooooo crazy for my liking I believe i need some shut eye talk to you later!
    lol yes i'm totally half asleep atm and glad i did not make a huge ass of myself cuz i miss-read your name but yay you like deadpool as well XD
    Thanks yeah I love deadpool but just went with dreadpool because I got dreadlocks lol

    I love red vs blue and all roosterteeth productions stuff
    hi there love the name yay deadpool ( just wanted to say hi sins we are both new here and saw you liked red vs blue ^^)
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