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    Hey Dubean, I was reading at the RPF forums and someone posted that you made a hinge system for the back pieces on the iron man helmet but i couldn't find it anywhere... Did you really do that system?...
    i did have a few questions about any pep. the eyes are ususally the most detailed part but later need to be cut out for use of the item. also the "ear" pieces dont attach to it.? do i just glue the edges. cause i cant find a folded piece to attach.
    whats up man. im currently working on sharks mark VI and find it incredibly tedious. soo many small parts. this is also my first pep attempt. im staying positive. just wondering if the older versions of it are simpler for a beginner
    Hey dubean ive seenalot of dif. Iron man helmets out there. ive noticed that you've been involved with many. What is the most accuate and update one yet?
    Hi. I was wondering if you can send me the size tester and PDO files of the MKVI helmet. I haven't been on here for a long time, but since work's been kinda slow I have some time on my hands. I would really like to get back into pepping, especially Ironman helms. Thanks in advance.
    email is kls023@yahoo.com
    Hey i wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did on creating some amazing replicas.

    Im new to this site and software and ive def. found a new passion and hobby.

    I saw on the HD war machine pep file you created. you had a screen shot of the mask exploded.

    Im having a hard time trying to figure out how to do it. I could only rotate, zoom in and out and pan around the files.

    Could you explain to me how its done? ive searched and idk the proper term of what im trying to do is called so it makes it difficult to search.

    thanks again.
    hey Mr dubean! hows it going?
    thanks for your kind words! i couldnt have made it without the inspiration from people like you on this site :)

    and i cant wait to get back to work on the suit, ive been a bit swamped at the minute with studying and working but when the holidays hit.. updates shall arrive :D
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