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  • as of right now, this one

    Here is a size tester for it.. you build this first to figure out your scaling for the the HD version

    Tester file

    I'll be coming out with a new one hopefully in a couple weeks, so keep an eye out :)
    Thanks for the kind words! This is definitely a fun hobby, i'm glad you found the site :)

    As for the exploded view, i physically had to move the pieces of the helmet into those particular spots in a 3d modeling program. You can't do it in Pepakura. I suppose the closest thing for you to do with the Pepakura program is to go under 3DModelWindow, then down to Show Object List. From there you can "turn off" certain parts of the file if you want to see exactly how something fits together internally but can really get a good view of it from the outside. I hope this helps you out bud!
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