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    9ft Elite Build Wow!

    Just found an awesome elite build while browsing the net for anybody that was thinking about making an elite check it out and watch the video, it looks like the foam made.
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    Looking for a good starter armour to make.

    Anything that tickles your fancy really, the main thing is you have to be willing to take the time and effort. like at the moment I'm pepping a Rouge helm (pics and thread up sooon) and it's taken around 20 or so hours only problem I made it too big :P but I used it to practice on, now my...
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    RoxyRoo's Chick Armor

    Wow looking good so far, it is hard to make it with that stuff?? I guess the main part is getting it on paper and the right size yeah xD
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    Complete Noob List

    I got all my stuff from bunnings, repco or just local craft shops if ppl from Oz finding it hard to find bits and pieces
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    Props "We Are ODST" SMG

    wow looks pretty sweet xD @ghettoninga MDF is basically partial board that is been grinded up much finer than normal chipboard with a butt load of glue that in a compression case until it' set. Alot of places have banned the use of MDF like America I think.. due to the dust particals cause...
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    Dmr- Wip

    OMG! thats frecking awesome!! xD Good job