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  • hmmm well blender is being evil i think i need to down load a patch to get them to work. I think 2.7 i just need to find out from were lol. Also did you do those models.If you did is there a why i can ire you to make me some 3d models
    Hi umm would you be willing to share that gundam kirios pep file or maybe a trade i want to brake it down in to armor
    Hey i saw one of your links about a witchking pep helmet, but i clicked the link, and it does not work no more. Do you still have that Pep file for the helmet? if so I would love it. i have been looking for a witchking helmet for about 3 months but have had no luck. Well anyway thanks dude :)
    How about a trade? you send me your files and i'll send you all mine. That way we can get a better rounded out Gundam group here on the 405th.

    Do you model or unfold at all?
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May 11, 1989 (Age: 35)
Mechatronics student


My Grey Knight unfolded pepakura files [link]
Grey Knight progres [link]