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  • All your gundam posts are awesome and very helpful thank you so much for all the work you do. Out of curiousity what happened with the work on the RX-79[G]?
    Good nights, i need the 3d model or pdo file of the m247h, i can't find this archive, pls pls I no have the knowledge in the modeling..
    thanks for the time!!!!
    yea i just got done moveing the camrea and the 3d views as well.XD. Im not going to skip anything as i need to make sure im doing the rigt thing lol
    well under under file in blender it has inport image.So i click on it and it shows exia 3d.So i click it but nouting happens
    ok so i open blender and then it just opens for it self .... Ok so ive been reading on the program and i tryed to import a file but i do get a render
    ehhh im soet of in a rut im hopeing you can help i downloaded paylgon 2.7.2 but i dont know how to use it with the blender program.
    lmao well i got though the basic start like book one but the 3d program dosnt load skp files so i need the dynames 3ds file if you have it. Im going to read book two you said pase your self.Im just trying to get up to code with every one.I want to feel useful lol XD and i love you can export stuff to obj format.
    just got done with
    Knowing before Making ⇐ START HERE
    What Blender Can Do
    Section 1A: 3D Concepts
    3D Geometry
    Coordinate Transformations.
    Im going to keep it up till its pouned in my brain. then all help the gundam thread so much
    Well really my life is boring rigt now i got the modle of dynames from the page. So how can i help. Give me a rundoen on how to do this turning a 3d modle in to a pep.And all start it so fast that all will be doen in 2 mouths im so not kidding so much free time on my hands man.Let me help
    Yea thanks it dose help. I need to get a new 3d designer any good ones you would recommend? Also hows the alex gundam pep's Iv'e notice you guys got quite a lot done.Any chance you guys will do zeta gundam or dynames gundam?
    Hey shadowShail I have a queastion for you. If i have a pdo that works. Could you resize to to fit a human. Or is that not posable? I got a lot of gundam pdo's. So i was wondering if You have to make the whole thing or maybe just resize it?
    not very well to be honest :<
    due to personal drama and a lot of other stuff half of my funds are gone. Dx though I do have pictures as to how I want it to look still, hopefully I can get my armor planning back on track to be on time for Nan Desu kan...if not, hey, there's always next year :<
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