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    can you send me the vanquish files :D daft_endirekt_94@hotmail.com
    the armor and the helmet please
    could you please send me the file to the captain america helmet?
    yours is the most accurate one out there.
    my email is nickbarella@gmail.com
    thanks a bunch
    could you pls send me the pdo files of the vanquish armor too?
    would be very kind:)
    my mail is jonny_banana@web.de
    hey I'd like to get the vanquish pdo files from you if you still have them. My email is eschus2@students.towson.edu
    I'd like to second Sparty's request. That's the best N7 Helmet Pep I've seen. Drop me the link please, and keep up the good work.
    Hi. I'm very impressed with your work and loved the pictures you posted of your halo legends bicep armor, but can't seem to find the .pdo anywhere. Sorry if I'm just missing it, but is there anyway that I can find/receive this file? - a fan
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