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    Looking for advice on cooling one's Helmet

    Thank you for the advice. I do have one question though, most computer fans don't have a usb attatchment so would i have to cut into the wires and "splice" things? that is what is kind of shying me away from using computer fans. unless you know of computer fans that do come with usb attatchments...
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    Looking for advice on cooling one's Helmet

    Hello all! Spartan-095 here. So i'm chugging away on my Halo Reach Mk VI Helmet and I wanted to put one, maybe two fans in my helmet but i have seen two methods and wanted to see what you all think. Method number one would be going with one or two of these fans the reviews are a little up and...
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    The Unknown Gundam Title Thread!!

    So i am very sorry if this has been asked and i haven't seen it. I would love the Helmet, or hell, the files for the RX78-2 Gundam in Foam ? at some point i'd love to make a Titans cosplay Thanks for any help!!!
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    * For a Foam Build * Thickness recommendation for a Helmet

    Thank you both for the input! this is going to help me immensely
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    * For a Foam Build * Thickness recommendation for a Helmet

    Hello all, I Just got done with my first Con and it was great the only thing i felt i faltered on was not having my own helmet. I just bought the H4 Chief Bucket from Hot topic and with my time constraints all i could do was paint it. This year i will be taking my time on a...
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    these are a few choice pics from OHAYOCON 2018 that I love. the armor was made using the program Armorsmith Designer and using EVA foam files. Thanks to FANGS, Commanding officer, of the Canadian Regiment and *Their contact. (they gave me an email not a username so I don't want to put that up in...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Cody Newcomb Profession: Work at a Restaurant in Ohio Age: 22, 9 days before my birthday Favorite Hobby: Video games and writing Favorite part of halo: The friends i have made from gaming in Halo Favorite Halo: 3, and Reach Favorite Video Game: Halo Reach and Titanfall 2 (as of 2018)...
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    Pepakura For Mac

    ok so i just went to the first page in the thread and it said to just download wine, the nhe simply ran pep v3 but i tried to dowload it and it pulled up this text edit with computer language...I JUST WANNA MAKE MY OWN HALO REACH ARMOR :(
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    Pepakura For Mac

    ok so will i be able to download pep files onto that all you did was send the link. while i am thankfull you did i need some more info other than that
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    Pepakura For Mac

    Hi I'm a new member to the 405th and i have an Emac not the classic see thru and blue one but the white one. One of the older threads said to just download wine and then pep V3 but i was reading on their site and it had to do with coding and the risks of it so i was unsure as to if i have to...