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    Small budget...

    well im in the proccess of making an acurate undersuit out of a flexible rubber. not quite sure when ill be done but its just sumthin to keep in mind. other than that there are many many threads on underarmor and where to buy pieces that look fairly good.
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    Props "legendary" combat knife

    silvercookies idea is great (coming from a tennis player) racquet tape would werk perfectly. plus there are many different sizes and textures to choose from.
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    SPI questions/Project spartan III

    hey spartan 104 lookin great there. if i may thou just one suggestion. ur armors shape looks great but i would advise smothing it out b4 yu cast it. it will mke the de-molding and final product so much easier/better. thas all and i look greatly forward to seein more.
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    M7 Sub-Machine Gun*UPDATE, NEW PIC!*

    sorry man im just tryin to give ideas :$ops:
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    M7 Sub-Machine Gun*UPDATE, NEW PIC!*

    real blades FTW :mrgreen:
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    I-Pod or Zune?!

    well technically i sed it on page 2 buuut ;-) i wont shatter ur dreams
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    in a really crappy mood rite now :[ scribbled up an emo pic
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    I-Pod or Zune?!

    *sniff* i love you guys :cry1: MACS RULEEEEEE :rock:
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    S2 AM Sniper Rifle (In progress.) i respect and such but..its just a phrase man. :shock:
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    I-Pod or Zune?!

    ooo boi we got some beef now :evil: APPLE IS THA SHITTTT! superior to PC in many ways...GRAHHHHHH...PC lovers make me sickk
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    What music nr are you currently listening!

    ay bay bay. ;-)
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    Parody- It's a Halo Thing- Preview

    HAHAHAHAHA awsomeee. ani9mation kinda reminds me of VG cats fer some reason
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    i thought the mods out lawed "i will be making ______" threads. :eyebrow:
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    What do Elites eat?

    heheehe. nice one :]
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    Marine Fatigues

    well not for sure hes in command of his squad so he's "leading the charge" so to speak but thank you for the encouragement. but this isnt a pity thread ;-) and this is OT so. ya :]