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  • haha lol thanks man and yes it does need a like button, you should put that is on of the threads on the home page, it is near the bottom of the homepage
    haha lol yeah it is pretty smart, my dad said that the next time one of the xboxs breaks we are switching to ps3 and what i was going to say but didn't was that if we do i am not even going to touch it xD
    i am getting 2 because i take my xbox back and forth from my dad's house, my stepmom's house, and my mom's house so i am getting 1 for my dad's house and another for my stepmom's house
    yeah im pretty mad about that, getting a game and not even getting to play it =( but excited for 2 new xboxs =D
    yeah i fixed my xbox for about 30 minutes =D then it broke again and when i put battlefield 3 in, i got rrod 1 light and E66 so as soon as i took the game out and put another game in, it worked, so i tried BF3 again and RRoD so i couldn't even play my new game =( but i am getting 2 new xboxs this weekend =D and xbox live with it so i will get to play online again and hopefully i will get to finally play battlefield 3 and sorry i didn't join your party because i don't feel comfortable talking on the mic when my whole family is around, idk why =P
    wow really, dang it, i really miss live =P but i might be getting battlefield 3 today =D just only campaign
    yeah i am not very good at weekely challenges because i only have like 1 hour to even play xbox on the weekends and i am really not sure when i am going to have it back, my dad still thinks that he can fix it and not have to get a new one
    oh that sucks, what games are you going to get? yeah maybe i will be, i really do hope so and dude i am so good at grif ball, there was one game where i got 55 kills and all 3 bombs planted =D
    yeah i really hate it so much, but at least i get to know all my games a little better now
    do you like battlefield 3? i am so excited for it, it comes out tomorrow/midnight, and i am getting it tomorrow but i don't get to play till friday night so i have to look at it for 2 and a half days =( and stuck with campaign again
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